Important Highlights

New Content

  • PF2 - The Rusthenge adventure is now available! Unlock Now
  • SF - Starfinder Enhanced is now available! Unlock Now

New Features

  • All - Items which can be highly modified (such as weapons and armor) or that base their cost on selections made (such as scrolls and wands) can now be customized before purchase. This will allow addition of materials, runes, fusions, etc. to the item and its total cost to be reviewed before completing the purchase and being charged for the completed item. These kinds of gear can also be recustomized after purchase, allowing multiple adjustments to be made as a single totaled purchase. See additional notes below.


The Nitty Gritty

Additional Notes

  • SF (Starfinder Enhanced) - The Free Archetype rule in Starfinder Enhanced (SFE) will be included in a future update.
  • SF (Starfinder Enhanced, Society) - As the new class abilities for the enhanced classes in SFE (envoy, solarian, technomancer, witchwarper) are strictly additional abilities to shore up class functionality, we decided to apply them in all cases when the SFE source was turned on. Per the details in the SFS character options though, these abilities will be made optional in a future update.
  • SF (Starfinder Enhanced, Society) - SFS character options will be applied in a future update.
  • All (Customized Purchases) - Certain items will now always use the Customize option for purchasing, such as scrolls and wands which base their cost on their contained spells, and the new scaling gear from Starfinder Enhanced which bases its cost on its gear level and includes optional cost adjustments.
  • All (Customized Purchases) - A character may still be interacted with normally while a piece of gear is being customized, so you could begin working on customization, close the window navigate elsewhere on your character, then resume customization later. Note that only a single piece of gear can be customized at a time though, and the gear which is being customized will not be accessible for use until its purchase is either completed or canceled. This includes gear which is being recustomized, so if you are upgrading runes on your weapon for instance, it will not be usable until that is completed.

Patch 2023-10-19

  • SF - The recent Starfinder Society updates for Starfinder Enhanced and Ports of Call have been applied.
  • SF - Characters with any levels of the enhanced classes from SFE who have that source turned on will see a checkbox on the My Classes tab to control whether or not to use the enhanced class features from SFE. This will be turned on by default for all new characters and for existing non-Society characters using SFE. Society characters that existed at the time of SFE's release are required to purchase a boon to use these class features.
  • SF - Applied the recent Starfinder Society updates for Starfinder Enhanced and Ports of Call

Patch 2023-10-26

  • SF - A precog with the Doomed Future anchor was showing Improved Doomed Future on the Play tab before the ability had been gained.
  • SF - Weapon ranges were not being displayed on the character sheet.
  • PF1 - Inquisitors that selected a domain instead of an inquisition were displaying the domain spells table.
  • PF1 - Levels in the stargazer prestige class were not stacking with levels of cleric for determining the stars subdomain's domain powers.
  • PF1 - Hexes taken by the stargazer prestige class were not always counting towards allowed by the class.
  • PF1 - The stargazer prestige class's star chart revelation was displaying a level requirement error.
  • PF1 - The Overhand Chop feat wasn't applying its effect to melee weapons.

Patch 2023-10-31

  • SR6 - Fixed being unable to add/purchase gear.

Patch 2023-11-08

  • Fixed errorsĀ printing PF2 characters
  • Fixed unexpected errors when attempting to login or refresh the user's session

Patch 2023-11-09

  • Fixed errors preventing characters from being imported from the vault
  • Fixed descriptions not displaying in PF1, SF, and SR6
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