Important Highlights

New Content

  • PF2 - Cult of the Cave Worm, the second issue of the Sky King's Tomb AP, is now available! Purchase Now

The Nitty Gritty

Changes and Improvements

  • Vault Viewer - Added Load More Next/Previous buttons to the righthand content outline panel
  • Vault Viewer - Sidebars can now be favorited via their header
  • Vault Viewer - Text search results within a sidebar now display the sidebar they are within, and the ellipsis menu provides the option to favorite the sidebar

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a "Pick id specified for agent pick does not exist" error that could occur when a character was open in multiple tabs and deleting something in one tab didn't properly close a choice dialog in another tab related to the deleted item
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed some instances where following links would not properly scroll to the correct target
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed the book select grid view allowing themes that the rest of the vault did not.
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed "Identity code does not exist or cannot be targeted as a favorite" errors that would occur when navigating to search results within a sidebar.
  • PF2 - The summoner's Advanced Weaponry feat was not adding the selected weapon trait to the eidolon's attack.
  • PF2 - The mammoth lord archetype was not allowing the Quick Mount feat to be added.
  • PF2 - The Chronoskimmer Dedication feat was not appearing in the Special Abilities table on the Play tab.
  • PF2 - The Uzunjati Storytelling feat was not appearing in the Special Abilities table on the Play tab.
  • PF2 - The Guest of Sedeq Lodge background was not validating that Arcana or Religion had been made trained.
  • PF2 - The invisibility and greater invisibility armor runes adding abilities to the Special Abilities table on the Play tab, so their usage could be tracked.
  • PF2 - Familiars that require certain abilities be added, such as the psychopomp familiar from the soul warden, will now automatically add those abilities rather than requiring them to be added manually with a validation message.
  • PF2 - For Beginner Box characters, the capsaicin tonic from Troubles in Otari can now be purchased from the Magic Items table.
  • PF2 - While in a battle form, encumbrance was still being applied even though gear is merged.
  • PF2 - When using the alternate ability score rules, the max Dex cap of armor was not being applied to Agility.
  • PF1 - The Overhand Chop feat was applying its effects to two-handed ranged weapons.
  • PF1 - The Tower Shield Proficiency feat wasn't negating the attack penalty from using a tower shield.
  • PF1 - Meditation and prayer books could not select a spellcasting class to be associated with, to apply and preparation benefits.
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