Important Highlights

  • Overhauled the functionality, layout, and appearance of the HP tracker (as well as other resources that use a similar tracker like stamina, focus points, hero points, item damage, etc). 
    • The tracker now displays a preview bar, showing the pending amount to be damaged or healed.
    • There is now a numeric grid for inputting the amount of damage/healing to do. This new input method should be significantly easier to use for touch devices.
    • The existing standard numeric input control is still available for cases where that is more convenient, such as entering a large number with a keyboard. This is available by toggling off grid mode in the tracker window header. 
    • PF1 - When inputting both lethal and non-lethal damage together in a single hit, grid mode is not available.
    • The undo and reset buttons have been moved from the bottom of the window to the window header for a cleaner layout.
    • The take and heal damage buttons have received a splash of thematically appropriate artwork.
  • PF2 - HP can now be tracked for weapons, armor, and shields, accessible through the items' ellipsis menu.
  • PF2 - A character's equipped shield will be shown on the Play tab below their AC, with a button to raise the shield and the tracker for its HP. All shields carried by a character will now also be able to be accessed from Armor Class's configuration window, in addition to the Combat Gear section or Armor table.

The Nitty Gritty

Bug Fixes

  • Vault Viewer - Fixed an inappropriate new line being inserted after a link which was inaccessible due to not owning a particular book
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