Important Highlights

New Content

  • PF2 - The Destiny War, the second issue of the Stolen Fate AP, is now available! Purchase Now
  • SF - Ports of Call is now available! Purchase Now


The Nitty Gritty

Changes and Improvements

  • Vault Viewer - Several fixes and UX improvements to the behavior of popover windows for "Game Elements" (e.g. items, spells, etc). 
    • The "show more" button has been eliminated. Most elements will now show most or all of their content up-front, with any remainder being accessible by scrolling. Display size is now taken into account for determining how much to show.
    • The show more button had several related issues that are no longer problematic, such as clicking the close button being ignored once after clicking show more, and the show more state being reset if the window was dragged. This also prevents the issue where very short elements would show a useless "show more" button even though they were already short enough to be fully visible.
  • Vault Viewer - Added the ability to expand/collapse all subheadings of a single heading in the content hierarchy through an ellipsis (...) menu next to the heading.
  • Vault Viewer - Improved clarity of search results in some cases, where a full "breadcrumb" was shown instead of a name
  • When more than one notification toast is displayed, added a button to dismiss all notification toasts.

Bug Fixes

  • PF2 - Weapon reach was not being displayed properly on the Play tab for creatures of sizes other than Small/Medium.
  • PF1 - An arcanist that selected the arcane bloodline was gaining the skill selection from their bloodline in error.
  • PF1 - A number of kits, such as the disguise kit and healers kit, were not able to have their uses incremented correctly.
  • PF1 - Gear that was melded into a character by a polymorph effect was still adding to encumbrance.
  • Fixed scroll position of description not being reset after switching to a different option in the choose form

Patch 2023-05-25

  • Fixed "Unexpected error: game system does not exist in vault library" error message that could occur when switching games

Patch 2023-06-01

  • PF2 - The fighter's weapon mastery and weapon legend abilities were not granting increased proficiency if the bomb weapon group was selected.
  • PF2 - The sorcerer's Occult Evolution feat was not having its spell's DC calculated correctly.
  • PF2 - The wizard's universalist school was granting a focus point.
  • PF2 - The Legendary Tattoo Artist feat wasn't being displayed for selection.
  • PF2 - For custom ranged weapons, repeating bolts, darts, firearm rounds, scatter rounds, and taws have been added as ammo options.
  • SF - Conditions and Combat States were not applying their effects when turned on.
  • SF - The solarian's photon mode attunement was not adding a bonus to damage.
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