Important Highlights

New Content and Improvements

  • Vault upgrades for several Pathfinder 2nd Edition books are available now in our store, with more arriving next month! 
    • Vault access for these books is granted automatically on new purchases or can be added on for a discount to previously purchased character content.
    • Available books are: Core Rulebook, Gamemastery Guide, Advanced Player's Guide, Secrets of Magic, Bestiary 1, 2, and 3
    • Vault access can be added for already-owned books through the store, while new purchases include Vault access.
    • Coming Soon: Campaign Content sharing will grant access to content in the Vault Viewer.
  • Dice roll history is now available for personal characters not associated with a campaign


The Nitty Gritty

Vault Viewer Fixes and Improvements

  • Popovers spawned from clicking text content links can now be dragged to a new position in order to view content underneath them.
  • Added "Expand All" & "Collapse All" buttons to the book contents side panel and chapter outline.
  • Added messaging to vault history side panel when history is empty
  • Fixed errors for some search results such as "spellbook" and "speak"
  • Fixed the browser back button not working after first opening a book
  • Fixed the browse search/history/favorites/tables/sidebars buttons not working in some cases
  • Fixed links not being underlined in Safari
  • Extensive visual and behavioral improvements
  • Numerous small visual and behavioral fixes and refinements

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "Error: Non-existent actor index for character" happening when rolling custom rolls for non-campaign characters. These rolls will also properly show up in the dice history now.

Patch 2023-02-08

  • Added note about the upcoming addition of Vault access via Campaign Content Sharing to the campaign settings view
  • Fixed "Only independent leads track dice rolls directly" and "Unhandled visibilityOption" errors popping up when making a roll in the dice roller with visibility set to "Not Recorded"
  • Vault Viewer - The book switcher menu now shows a loading spinner before showing all of the books with their images at once instead of having each image pop up individually
  • Vault Viewer - Vault favorites that are no longer accessible (e.g. favorites from the apprentice preview after upgrading to the full core rulebook) no longer show a "go to" or "pin" option (previously pinned items can still be unpinned though).
  • PF2 - The champion's Instrument of Zeal feat referenced using Smite Evil instead of Blade of Justice.
  • PF2 - The summoner's Dual Studies feat wasn't setting the master's selected skill as trained.
  • SF - The recent FAQ regarding orcs not receiving an additional +1 to an ability score from Conditioned Focus has been applied.
  • PF1 - The Versatile Spontaneity feat was not validating its ability score prereq unless the character possessed arcane or divine casting.


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