Important Highlights

  • PF2 - Controls for customization of items and abilities have been reorganized and expanded. Some highlights include:┬ácustom feats can now set their level, traits can be added to custom picks (items, feats, weapons, etc), and descriptions and summary text can be customized.
  • PF2 - Various improvements were made to NPC customization, details are listed below.
  • SF - Due to a recent update improving how ability scores were set for PCs, the ability scores of PC-style NPCs were incorporating a -10 modifier. This has now been corrected, but if any changes were made to the allocated ability score points in the meantime, those will require reversion to get back to the original ability score values.

The Nitty Gritty

Changes and Improvements

  • PF2 - The Customize Ancestry tab for NPCs has been cleaned up for a simpler display.
  • PF2 - The Ratings dropdowns for NPC stats on the Customize Ancestry, Ability Scores, and Skills tabs will now display their associated values, and when selected the stat will be set to that value, clearing any previous adjustments. When adjustments are made to the stat value, the selection will automatically be changed to Custom. Info messages will no longer be displayed when the stat value differs from the default value.
  • PF2 - NPCs can now add Movement Abilities on the Customize Ancestry tab.
  • PF2 - NPCs will now display a list of immunities they already have as part of the Immunities table on the Customize Ancestry tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Campaigns - Fixed "Invariant Violation" error that would sometimes occur when loading a scene script, or adding a new character to a script
  • All games - Items with custom names (e.g. wands, scrolls) were not printing the correct name in PDF output.

Patch 2022-12-22

  • Campaigns - The Print menu option for PCs and Unique NPCs on the Cast Members, Scene Scripts, and PCs and Players views now prints the latest version of the character if that character is on stage. Previously, any changes made on stage after the last restore point were not reflected in the printout.
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