Important Highlights

New Content

  • PF2 - Lost Omens Impossible Lands is now available! Purchase Now
  • SF - Interstellar Species is now available! Purchase Now

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - A character setting has been added for "Starting Undead Dedication", which grants an additional feat at 1st level so that the dedication feat for an undead archetype may be taken.

Client Improvements

  • Dice Roller Damage Type Improvements
  • Vault Search and Filter Improvements
  • Vault Browse Mode Improvements
  • Misc. Bug Fixes


The Nitty Gritty

Dice Roller Damage Type Improvements

  • Damage types can now be edited in the dice roller.
  • Clicking on the total of a damage roll will now provide a breakdown of the amount for each damage type & crit damage if applicable

Vault Search and Filter Improvements

  • Vault Viewer - Added the ability to exclude tags from search filters
  • Vault Viewer - When adding tags to a filter from the Advanced Search dialog window, added an indication of which tags could apply to the current search results if chosen, and how many search results it applies to. This can help quickly narrow down a search by avoiding the selection of non-applicable tags.
  • Vault - The Library view now shows the navigation and side panel, to provide access to search, history, and favorites without having to open a book first.

Vault Browse Mode Improvements

  • Vault Viewer - Added an option to Side-by-side Browse view to switch its position to the left or right of the primary content view
  • Vault Viewer - Made switching browse modes easier with always-visible buttons instead of being hidden in an ellipsis menu
  • Vault Viewer - Side-by-side Browse view will now default to either favorites (if any exist) or history. Previously there was an "empty" view that required picking something to browse first
  • Vault Viewer - Side-by-side Browse view will now default to the right hand side in all cases (previously browsing Search would switch it's position to the left side, which was disorienting).
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed the Browse History view sometimes not showing the most recently viewed item at the top

Misc Bug Fixes

  • PF2 - The reborn soul background was not allowing the skill increases gained at 7th and 15th level to be used to increase its Lore skills to master and legendary.
  • PF2 - The searing light spell had incorrect damage against fiends or undead.
  • PF1 - When adding feats to a hunter's animal companion, pre-requisite errors would be reported.
  • Fixed odd flickering animation that would occur in the dice roller when a situational modifier is toggled after manually editing a roll
  • Fixed custom dice roller and validation report buttons sometimes appearing on views that they shouldn't
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed search dialog windows sometimes not loading their contents
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed some table footers unnecessarily stretching the contents of their tables.

Patch at 3:30pm Pacific

  • Fixed resource trackers bars being missing
  • When trying to create a character of one of the new ancestries from Lost Omens Impossible Lands, heritages and ancestry feats would be missing

Patch 2022-11-17

  • PF2 - The Pathfinder Society restricted/limited options for Impossible Lands have been applied, as well as other changes to the Pathfinder Society's Available Options rules.
  • SF - The Starfinder Society restricted/limited options for Interstellar Species have been applied.
  • PF2 - Aeon stones were not applying their normal benefits when not in a wayfinder.
  • SF - Fixed a bug that can occur when deleting a level of a class, where that class's abilities would not count as having been gained yet.


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