Important Highlights

New Features

  • Vault Viewer - Side-by-side view is available within the vault on large enough displays. 
    • The main book content view can now be used alongside browsing favorites, search results, or history.


The Nitty Gritty


  • Vault Viewer - Added the ability to skip opening items in the search/history/favorite panels and jump straight to their location in the book via their new ellipsis menus. 
    • Entries in the search and history panel can also be added/removed from favorites from the same menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed number input controls that were supposed to be the "compact" version displaying as the full version instead
  • Vault Viewer - Visiting glossary & glossary-like list entries will now be reflected in the history.
  • PF2 - Toggling on "Substitute attack roll" from Devise a Stratagem in the dice roller would prevent further rolls from being revealed in progressive roll reveal mode.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when minions were deleted while in combat

Patch 2022-10-20

  • PF2 - The monk's Wild Winds Initiate feat's Wind Crash Strikes were showing as 1d4 instead of 1d6.
  • PF2 - The psychic's Ancestral Mind feat wasn't counting certain spells from gnome ancestry options as able to benefit.
  • PF2 - The sorcerer dedication's Advanced Blood Potency feat was allowing wizard feats to be taken.
  • PF2 - The Tyrant Falls! archetype feat was listing Knight Vigilant Dedication as a prereq instead of Knight Reclaimant.
  • PF2 - Suspended unarmed attacks weren't visible in the Suspened Weapons table.
  • PF2 - Faction reputation tiers were not being reported correctly at certain reputation values.
  • Deleting a minion in one tab while the minion was open in a second tab would result in "Unexpected error" messages in the second tab instead of returning to the primary character
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