Changes and Improvements

  • Vault Viewer - Recently visited tables, sidebars, and images will now be tracked in the history panel.
  • Vault Viewer - Favorited sidebars & tables that have a button for opening them will now show a star next to the button, indicating that it has been favorited.

Bug Fixes

  • Selling weapons, ammo, and armor from the Play tab wasn't displaying currency controls to specify the amount to sell for, and was selling the item for no value
  • Removed extraneous formatting text within some statblocks
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed some popovers being positioned incorrectly causing some content to be cut off and displayed offscreen
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed search history sometimes having blank items appear in it
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed some definitions shifting slightly when clicked on
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed text links causing text intended to be bold to be normal weight instead
  • Vault Viewer - Scroll position wasn't being properly restored after hitting the back button in some cases. Specifically, after loading a new chapter, clicking on an item in the chapter outline, and then hitting the back button, or when hitting the back button after clicking on an item in the search results
  • Vault Viewer - Fixed sorting of lower relevance searches
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