Important Highlights

New Content

New Features and Big Changes

  • PF2 - Spells now have dice rolls available (e.g. damage, healing, etc.)
  • PF2 - Many activatable situational modifiers have been added to the dice roller
  • PF2/SF/PF1 - Visual and functional overhaul of the Dice Roller
  • (See "The Nitty Gritty" below for more details on these changes)

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - The April 2022 errata for the Advanced Player's Guide has been applied.
  • PF2 - Assorted PFS validations have been updated, including LO Monsters of Myth and LO Absalom. Notably, some Common rarity options from adventures were displaying as valid options for PFS play, when a boon or chronicle sheet is required to select them due to the adventures not being on the additional resources list.


The Nitty Gritty

Dice Roller

New Features

  • PF2 - Items and abilities with activations that apply modifiers to rolls in certain situations, such as a +1 to saves vs. poison, will now have those options listed to toggle on and off in the die roller for their associated rolls.
  • PF2 - Spells now include die roller information for attacks, damage, healing, and counteract checks. Spells that allow for different types of rolls or variable actions to cast, such as the heal and harm spells, will allow those choices to be configured in the die roller.
  • Added a dice roller settings menu, accessed from the gear button at the top of the dice roller window.
  • Dice rolls for spells will automatically consume character resources (e.g. spells per day) after rolling.
    • A new setting to opt-out of this behavior is available in the dice roller window settings menu
    • If a spell has an attack roll or counteract check, making that roll will consume a use of the spell. If a spell only has a damage or healing effect, that roll will consume a use. Spells that have non-instantaneous effects that are potentially rolled multiple times over a duration, such as wall of fire, will not consume uses upon rolling.
  • Dice rolls for weapon attacks and damage now "progressively reveal" themselves, starting from the first attack roll, revealing more rolls to make (damage, second attack) after the first is completed.
    • A new setting to opt-out of this behavior is available in the dice roller window settings menu
    • This also applies to the new spell rolls for spells with attack and damage


  • Clearer presentation for dice roll terms & results within the dice roller.
  • Simplified the dice roller interface to focus on a cleaner and more streamlined experience for common use cases.
  • Introduced a more pleasant layout for the dice term edit menu on larger screens.
  • Converted the dice roll history visibility control to a dropdown menu
  • Added a setting to show/hide the manual entry tab in the dice roller for campaigns


  • When opening the dice roller for a weapon that can be used in ranged or melee mode, the mode will automatically set itself to the same setting used for play tab display of weapon mode stats.
  • Fixes dice rolls being submitted to a campaign for characters outside the campaign if the campaign was opened and then the character was opened.

General Improvements

  • PF2 - Configuration options that are one-time or long-term settings on abilities and gear will no longer be displayed on the Play tab, keeping the focus on those actually used in play.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors that could occur when deleting minions, as well as minions not being removed from the interface when deleted
  • Fixed minion validation messages lingering after a minion is deactivated or deleted
  • Fixes some cases where an error like "Character update resulted in no changes (this is usually unexpected)." would appear, such as when clicking the Night's Rest button when the character was already fully rested and had all their resources.
  • Campaigns - In campaigns with content sharing enabled, fixes the "Import from Vault" option not showing all available characters from the shared content
  • PF2 - The divine font ability now adds the correct number of heal/harm spells to the character, instead of just showing a tracker on itself.
  • PF2 - Custom deities could not choose "Heal or Harm" as their divine font option, meaning that clerics of a custom deity could not select the Versatile Font feat.
  • PF2 - The champion's Smite Good and Smite Evil feats were not functioning when handwraps of mighty blows were the character's blade ally.
  • PF2 - The champion's Smite Good and Smite Evil feats have had their activations re-organized for better clarity. Now there is an activation to mark that you are using the feat, and a second activation that adds the good/evil damage to your Strike.
  • PF2 - The Dragon Disciple Dedication feat was not always presenting the option to apply the +1 bonus to saves vs. sleep and paralysis.

2022-04-22 Patch

  • Fixed the dice roller "Re-roll" option consuming spell resources, which was not intentional, as the original roll already consumed the spell.
  • Fixed some rolls not showing the results expander on narrow screens.
  • Added a "Revert"/"New Roll" button to the custom dice roller
  • Updated the dice roller help text to reflect the recent changes.
  • PF2 - Some spells were reporting that selections for their die roll configurations were required choices.
  • PF2 - The investigator's Devise a Stratagem ability was not displaying in the die roller of valid weapons.

2022-04-26 Patch

  • The "Roll Remaining" button now only finishes rolling rolls after the initial roll, allowing the user to intentionally skip earlier rolls without having to make each roll separately.
  • Made it more obvious when the "Roll All/Roll Remaining" button is disabled.
  • Disabled dice roll term editing buttons while changes that could impact the dice roll are being made (e.g. situational modifiers). This avoids scenarios where edits made conflict with the changes made as a result of toggling situational modifiers.
  • Certain character selections (e.g. dual wielding) for which the default weapon dice roll behavior of "progressively revealed rolls" is detrimental will have that setting automatically overridden to show all available rolls.
  • PF1/SF - Fixed dice roller sometimes omitting damage dice results
  • PF2 - Fixed an error loading a graphic on the Play tab for the Inventor class
  • Campaigns - Fixed certain weapons showing up with missing information in the side panel for characters on stage
  • Campaigns - Fixed some characters showing an infinite loading spinner when attempting to view them in the side panel from the stage view.
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