Important Highlights

(See "The Nitty-Gritty" below for more details on each item.)

  • Apprentice accounts are now free for everyone and have fewer restrictions
  • Patron content sharing now pools the content from all members of the campaign, not just the patron. Anyone can now be the patron, not just the GM.
  • Keep using your stuff! Selections made on a character will now continue to function after loosing access to books.
  • GMs can now edit players' PCs, making it easier to help new players and grant special items acquired during play.
  • Anyone in a campaign can now be made the GM.
  • Streamlined joining a campaign with direct invite links and auto-approval.
  • Move campaign PCs around more easily with "claimable" PCs and player-to-player transfers.

Correction (2022-03-11) - Also included in this release but not originally listed above:

  • PF1, PF2, SF: Added a "Customize Now" prompt for quickly configuring relevant items immediately after adding them.


The Nitty-Gritty

Apprentice Accounts

  • Apprentice-tier accounts are now free, and no longer need to be purchased.
  • Removed the distinction between Demo and Apprentice accounts. All Apprentice accounts are now free, and retain all the capabilities they had previously, removing the need for a separate demo account type entirely.
    • This means anyone can join a campaign and take advantage of content sharing from others. All they need is a free Apprentice account.
  • Removed all campaign-specific limits for Apprentice accounts (including former demo accounts). Previously this included a limit on the number of PCs, NPC cast members, scene scripts, etc.
  • Any license that expires now operates as an Apprentice account. Existing users with an Apprentice account don't need to take any action whatsoever.
  • PF2 - The content available to free accounts within Pathfinder 2nd Edition has been revised. Characters with the following classes and ancestries now have no level limit: Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Human. All other characters can still be created, but they remain limited to 1st level. Once a character advances beyond 1st level, its class and ancestry become locked. When higher-level characters are acquired, such as importing iconics from the Vault, the level is also locked. Certain options, such as spells and feats, offer a smaller number of choices now. None of these limits apply in a campaign with content sharing.

Content Sharing

  • All members in a campaign with content sharing enabled now contribute whatever books they own to that campaign. Whenever a member purchases a new book, it becomes available to all other members. The GM is no longer the only person who can share books into the campaign.
  • Any member of a campaign, not just the GM can use their Patron license to enable content sharing within the campaign. (The limit of four campaigns per license has not changed.)
  • When a campaign is retired, content sharing is automatically removed, thereby freeing up the slot for use in another campaign. Since retired campaigns can't currently be opened (we plan to make them viewable but read-only in the future), and all characters retain access to all options that have been added, there's no need to continue using the slot.
  • Cohorts that are members of a campaign share all of their inherited content into the campaign (when content sharing is enabled).
  • There's no longer a separate concept of who "owns" a character vs who "controls" a character. PCs now only have a member who controls them. Previously this distinction was made largely due to the more restrictive content sharing model.
    • Note: In campaigns without content sharing enabled, content access rights for a PC are still determined by who controls that PC.

Keep Using Your Stuff

  • Whenever a character loses access to books (e.g. leaving a campaign with content sharing, subscription lapsing, etc.), any selections made (e.g. classes, gear, etc.) that depend on those books will continue to function as normal. Previously, those selections would no longer function until access to the content was restored.
    • Note that if such content is deleted from a character, it can't be re-added without access to the books they are from. Any selections that wouldn't be able to be re-added are specially highlighted and warn against their own deletion.

Streamlined Joining a Campaign

  • Added campaign invitation links to make inviting players to join campaigns simpler.
    • Players who click the link will be automatically taken to the "Join Campaign" window with the appropriate invite code already filled out for them.
    • Invitation codes can still be used directly for those that found them useful.
  • New members joining campaigns are now automatically approved. There is no longer a need to take an additional step to approve them.
    • For campaigns that need the previous behavior (where new members are marked as "pending" and a campaign admin needed to manually approve them), a new setting checkbox is available under campaign settings and can be toggled off: "Auto-approve new members"
  • When joining a new campaign, the game system of that campaign is now automatically selected.

Claimable PCs and PC Transfers

  • Campaign members can make their PCs "Claimable", which allows them to be claimed by anyone else in the campaign. The current pool of claimable PCs appears in a special section of its own. Once claimed, the PC is then controlled by whoever claimed them.
    • GMs can make any PC claimable
    • Once claimed, a player can also return a PC to the Claimable pool for others to use.
  • GMs can now freely reassign control of a PC as needed, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Removed multiple restrictions on what circumstances this was allowed under.
  • Players may now transfer their PCs directly to another player in the same campaign, instead of first having to transfer it to the GM and the GM having to pass it on.

GM Editing Player PCs

  • GMs are now allowed to modify players' characters directly when viewing them.
  • GMs can now edit the HP and other resources (e.g. Stamina) of player PCs from the stage the same way they can for NPCs (clicking on the portrait to bring up the "Quick Edit" popover menu).

Assigning the GM

  • Campaigns - The campaign creator can now reassign the GM role to anyone in the campaign.
    • Campaigns - When assigning control of a character to the GM, you can now choose what happens to that character should the role of GM change to someone else in the future. The character can either always be controlled by whoever is GM at the time, or the character can remain controlled by the same user, even once they are no longer GM.
  • The role of GM can be transferred to another member of a campaign, supporting groups who don't have a single, dedicated GM. In conjunction with this, PCs can be controlled by either the GM specifically or the campaign in general. Both are managed by the GM, but the former group stays under the control of the player when the role of GM is transferred.

Misc. PF2 Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - Dedication feats which counted feats taken from another archetype towards their 2 feat requirement for taking a new dedication feat (Magaambyan Attendant/Halcyon Speaker, Hellknight Armiger/Hellknight or Hellknight Signifer) were not properly counting those feats.
  • PF2 - Class abilities granted by dedication feats, like a barbarian's instinct, now include notes on the ability about any differences or limitations the dedication version has from the normal class version.
  • PF2 - Added the Fey Abeyance ritual from Kindled Magic (Strength of Thousands #1).
  • PF2 - The Unsponsored (Diplomacy) background granted training in Intimidation, not Diplomacy.


  • Campaigns - An obscure error would occasionally be reported that prevented moving an actor on the stage into a new position at the start of the initiative order.
  • Campaigns - When on a character in a campaign, fixed long campaign names wrapping incorrectly in the left navigation panel.

Bug Fixes @2:30 pm Pacific

  • Certain character types were incorrectly enabled for Apprentice accounts, resulting in an error when attempting to create those types.
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