Key Changes of Note

  • Introduced the Cohort option that allows you to designate another Standard or Patron account that can fully utilize all your add-ons without the need to purchase those add-ons themselves. This option can be added to any Standard or Patron account. Purchase Now
  • Moved, reorganized, and improved several important navigation actions. Examples include: switching to and from the "Play" tab, accessing minions, accessing the "Characters" and "Campaigns" views, and switching game systems. The goal of these changes is to make top-level navigation in Hero Lab Online more consistent and intuitive. See "The Nitty-Gritty" for more information.
  • Simplified the way the left and right side panels work throughout the app. This should make them easier to use for most users. The old behavior is still available as an option for those that prefer it. See "The Nitty Gritty" for more details.
  • Tables that don't currently have any options available (e.g. selecting abilities for class levels you haven't reached yet) are now hidden by default, with a smaller, more visually subdued placeholder being shown in their place.
    • A new setting has been added for toggling whether these tables are shown or not. It can be found under the newly added "Interface" tab in the settings menu.

The Nitty Gritty

Build vs Play mode

  • The left navigation panel's main "Character" view has been split into two modes: "Build", and "Play". Their are several goals for this change:
    • More intuitively separate important activities (creation/advancement vs gameplay) for new users
    • Reduce screen clutter, free up space for future additions to both modes (e.g. the new minion features, described below).
    • Eliminate the confusing repetition of sections with the same name (e.g. "Spells" or "Skills") under different groupings. For example, when "Play" mode is toggled, all visible sections are used during active gameplay, and the "Spells" and "Skills" sections in this mode are for rolling skill checks and casting spells. When "Build" mode is toggled, all visible sections are associated with creating or advancing the character, and the "Spells" and "Skills" sections in this mode are for choosing new spells, ranking up skills, and so on.
  • Characters with minions now have dedicated buttons for switching between them in the left navigation panel. The primary character is always accessible via the top button, and the minions is always available as button beneath that. For characters with more than one active minion, an ellipsis (...) button next to the minion button provides a menu of other minions to switch between. The last opened minion is the one that appears in the button beneath the primary character.

Side Panels

  • Added the ability to switch between 3 different panel operation modes:
    • Auto-expand and Pin - Panels will automatically expand and pin themselves open there is enough space to do so. This mode is the new default mode. Note that no manual intervention is available in this mode, as the panels will manage their own state automatically. If more control is desired, consider the following modes instead.
    • Auto-pin and Only - Panels will auto-pin themselves when manually expanded and there is enough space to do so. This new mode is almost identical to Manual Control, but adds a bit of automatic behavior for the common case of expanding a panel and then pinning it open.
    • Manual Control - Panels need to be manually expanded and pinned. This mode is the same as the original, existing behavior, and remains available for those that prefer it.
  • For the left and right side panels in the main app view as well as dialog window views, the "Resize" button has been replaced with an ellipsis (...) menu containing settings for the panels. The Resize option has been moved into this menu, along with the item below.

The Application Header

  • Navigating between the "Characters" and "Campaigns" views has been standardized across the app. They are now always available as buttons in the application header, regardless of what view you're currently looking at. Some views had their own tabs representing these locations, which have been removed in favor of the app-wide buttons.
    • The "Characters" button is now always a button. Previously if you had minions, it became a dropdown button to switch between your minions, with a button inside of it to take you to the Characters view. Minions are available through a new, dedicated area of the left navigation panel, described below.
    • When clicking the "Characters" button you will be returned to your last-visited folder, rather than always being set to the Home folder. In most cases, this will be the folder from which you opened the character.
  • Switching game systems has been made more accessible via a dropdown menu in the application header.
    • The previous game system button in the character folders section has been removed, in favor of this more comprehensive approach.
    • Campaigns - The campaigns list is now filtered by default based on your currently selected game system. You can switch game systems using the new dropdown to view other games' campaigns. You can also show all games' campaigns using the Campaigns list's ellipsis (...) menu.
  • Clicking the Hero Lab logo no longer brings you to the Select Game System view, as that is now easier done by the Game System dropdown described above. Instead, it provides a menu listing information about Hero Lab Online.
    • The exception is that on narrow displays, such as phones, switching game systems is merged into the Hero Lab logo menu.
  • Indicators appearing in the upper right corner of the application header could overlap other header content in some circumstances. The reorganization of the header has caused some of these cases to no longer be able to happen, while others that could still happen were explicitly fixed.
  • The Custom Dice Roller and Validation Report buttons found in the application header have moved to the bottom half of the header, to the left of the button that expands/collapses the side panel. This more clearly delineates the top half of the application header as used for application-wide controls and content, while the bottom half is more view-specific (e.g. the specific loaded character).

Misc Bug Fixes

  • PF2 - NPCs that shouldn't know any languages (like animals) and animal companions were showing that they knew Common.
  • PF2 - The damage for the inventor's Megavolt feat was calculated incorrectly.
  • PF2 - The witch's Mosquito Witch patron was setting the witch's spellcasting tradition as Occult instead of Primal.
  • PF2 - Prepared spellcasters like clerics or witches were not counting as spellcasters for the Shadowcaster Dedication or Geomancer Dedication feats.
  • PF2 - Infused alchemical items were not counted as items you had created for the purpose of the Potent Poisoner feat.
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