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  • PF2 - Added Malevolence Character Content - Purchase Now
  • PF2 - Added Night of the Gray Death Character Content - Purchase Now
  • PF2 - Added afflictions for poisons from the Core Rulebook.
  • PF2 - Added afflictions for the poisons, curses and diseases inflicted by the creatures in Bestiary 1.

PF2 Spells

Changes and Improvements

  • Reworked the class tabs for spellbook casters (e.g. Wizard) to display their list of spellbooks directly on the tab, as opposed to being behind a button click in the "Spellbooks and Spells Summary" window. The Spells Summary has been renamed "Spells From All Spellbooks" and remains a button beneath the spellbook list. You can now buy spellbooks directly from this list as well, in addition to the Gear tab.
  • PF2 - Spell tables in wands and other items now present spell usage and heightening in a manner more consistent with class spell tables.
  • Instead of showing a spell roll for all spells, now, only the spells that have the Attack trait or specifically mention that they make counteract checks (such as Dispel Magic) will show their roll.
  • Spellbooks and formula books now display their count of spells/formulas in their statistics.

Bug Fixes

  • PF2 - Fixed Spellbooks not appearing on the class tab if a spellbook-granting dedication was added to a non-spellbook class.
  • If a spellbook's name was customized, the changed name was not consistently displayed everywhere the spellbook was shown.
  • While learning/preparing spells, cantrips would still be shown in the list even after they had been added.
  • Cantrips being added for a spellbook spellcaster no longer show "(At Will)" in their name while being chosen.
  • For characters who had gained two different sources of spellcasting that share the same tradition, but don't base themselves on the same ability score (such as ranger Warden spells, which are primal and based on Wisdom, and Eldritch Archer primal spellcasting, which is based on Charisma), the spells would all be based on a single ability score, which wouldn't be correct in all cases.

Activating/Configuring In-Play

  • Overhauled the way activating/configuring in-play options works for gear and abilities on the play tab. The overall goal is to provide quicker, more convenient, and more consistent access to these options, including surfacing options that you'd previously have to open several levels deep of details windows to access.
  • The activation button (lightning bolt icon) in limited use on some items has been greatly expanded upon and improved.
    • Previously, the button would open a small new window near the top of the screen, which was inconvenient and often far away from the original button click. This now opens like a menu, so the options are much nearer to the original button click and are more quick and convenient to use.
    • Previously, the button would only show the activatable aspects of the item (usually 1, but sometimes 2 checkboxes). But if the item also had configuration options, those had to be separately managed in the item's details window, resulting in lots of extra opening, closing, and clicking. A common example of this would be a power that could be activated to grant a specific energy resistance, such as Energy Ablation. Now, both the activation checkbox and the configuration options are available side-by-side.
    • The icon used for the button now varies based on whether it is only activation, only configuration, or both. This will allow you to tell at a glance what sorts of options an item has, and what state it is currently in.
      • If an item only has activations, it will appear as a lightning bolt as before, with a filled bolt indicating one or more toggled to be active, while a bolt outline indicates none are active.
      • If an item only has configuration and has no activatable aspects, the button will appear as a gear, indicating it has options that can be configured.
      • If an item has both activations and configuration, the button will appear as a gear with a lightning bolt badge overlaying it, with the bolt filled or outlined as noted above.
    • Previously, the button would only appear for activations/configurations directly on the item, not for any of its child items (e.g. PF2 weapon traits). To access Now, all activatable and configurable aspects of an item or any of its descendants will appear, with controls grouped by the descendant.
    • Activation checkboxes now have a lightning bolt icon inside of the checkbox itself to make them stand out from normal checkboxes.
    • Any options available via the activation/configuration button are also available in the dice roller for weapons.
    • PF2 - This button was not showing for the Play > Actions table, and has now been added there.
  • A number of options have been moved out of the item ellipsis (...) menu and into the activation/configuration button menu noted above.
    • These include controlling melee vs. ranged weapon mode, how many hands a weapon is being wielded with
    • The general philosophy is now that options that affect the stats or capabilities of the item or the character using it belong in the activation/configuration menu. This includes activating powers on gear, selecting the energy resistance type granted by an ability, and other gameplay effects.
    • Options that are related to the item's status on or relationship to your character, will remain in the pick menu. These include whether to display the item on the play tab, moving the item to different locations on your character, deleting/selling the item, splitting and merging stacks of gear items, etc. These are mostly organizational in nature, and don't usually have a big impact on the behavior of your gear and abilities (although there are notable exceptions, like swappable weapon attachments).
  • PF2 - For weapons, the equip checkbox now opens a small menu where both the equip state of the weapon and the number of hands it is wielded in can be managed. Equip checkboxes that spawn a menu have a "notch" in the lower right corner as a hint that they will open a menu when clicked.
    • Note that the hands control for weapons can also be found in the activation/configuration menu, if the weapon has any of those options.
    • When a weapon is equipped in more than one had (usually 2, but can be more for some monsters), a double check mark is shown in the equip checkbox.
  • PF2 - In the item details window, for weapon and armor traits, added a configuration/activation button directly on the table item to provide easier access. Previously, you'd have to click on the table item and scroll its details window down to access configuration/activation of the trait (e.g. Versatile weapons).

Dice Roller

New Features

  • PF1/PF2/SF - Added the ability to modify the value of individual rolled dice after they are rolled. Note that when in a campaign, both the original roll and the modified roll will be submitted to the dice roll history.

Changes and Improvements

  • When you've made local edits to a dice roll (e.g. adding/removing dice, updating modifiers, etc), and then you make a change to your character that would affect the dice to be rolled, you will be prompted to either discard your edited rolls to get the newly updated character rolls, or retain your edited rolls and temporarily ignore the updated character rolls.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain operations inside of the dice roller (e.g. switching ammo types) would not cause the dice to be rolled (or their modifiers) to be updated until the roller window was closed and reopened.
  • PF1/PF2/SF - Fixed an issue when editing dice rolls in the dice roller where quickly editing dice quantity or modifier could overwrite changes to the other.
  • PF1/PF2/SF - Fixed an issue when editing dice rolls in the dice roller where changing the type of die would always reset the dice quantity to 1


Changes and Improvements

  • Clicking the Hero Lab logo now brings you to select a game system, instead of select a character. There's already a character link in the app header, so clicking the logo to get to the same place was redundant. Selecting a game system was a little harder to find (something we intend to address in the future), so this will help provide another avenue.
  • Tweaked the packing behavior of items on the GM approval tables to be more even.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with some inputs appearing extremely squished and not taking up the space they need.
  • Tables with a set limit of items will again display that limit next to the name of the table.
  • Fixed a minor issue with some tables showing a very thin white stripe at the top for no apparent reason (e.g. the information table at the top of the journal tab for all game systems, most noticeable in sci-fi themes).
  • PF2 - Fixed the class starting gear table not appearing as intended.
  • PF2 - In the item details window, fixed a number of cases where table item summary text was not presented in a consistent style.
  • PF2 - Fixed an issue with the Special Abilities table on the play tab showing a collapsible header that wasn't actually collapsible.

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - Negative Healing's desctiption had not been updated to the Bestiary 2+ text.
  • PF2 - Speeds now have a minimum of 0 ft.
  • PF2 - Organizations now report that you must have a boon to select them for a Pathfinder Society character.
  • PF2 - The armored carriage vehicle had the incorrect price listing.
  • PF2 - The violet fungus's attack was producing an error in the die roller.
  • PF2 - The Opportune Backstab rogue feat still included an attack penalty that was removed after the playtest.
  • PF2 - The magus's spellstrike ability had a formatting error in its description text.
  • PF2 - Triton's Conch price and item level were updated per errata.
  • PF2 - The prepared spells on a spellcasting dragon were reporting that they were at too high a level.
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