PF2 - Uncommon, Rare and Unique items will now report error messages related to their rarity both before you add them and after they are added. You may see errors on your character that were not previously present. There are now three routes to remove these errors:

  • The first is the new GM Approval table described below - you can add options here that your GM has approved, or in PFS/SFS, that you have received a boon allowing you to take that option, and then you will be able to add this option normally without seeing errors about the rarity.
  • The second option is in the new Character Setting "Access to items that are not common", in the Campaign Shared Options, described below. The choices in "Access to items that are not common" will let you choose between the default behavior, or the old behavior of only seeing error messages before adding a non-common item, or to turn off rarity errors entirely.
  • The third option is to use the new validation suppression option, described below. Click the three dot button next to the error and you can suppress it.

New Features

GM Approval and Rarity

  • PF2/SF- A new "GM Approval" table is now available in the Modifications section. Here, you can add all of the uncommon, rare, or unique options your GM has given you access to, or in Pathfinder/Starfinder Society Organized Play, which options you've been granted access to by boons.
  • PF2/SF - A new "Access to items that are not common" group has been added to the "Campaign Shared Options" section of the Character Settings. Using these new settings you can decide how you are notified about uncommon, rare, or unique option. The default is that you will receive an error message both before and after adding something that is not common, unless that option has been added to the "GM Approval" table. Another option is that you will receive an error before selecting the option, but not after selecting it, and the third option is that error messages will not be reported for Rarity.
  • PF2 - The "Allow Access to an Option" adjustment's effects have been replaced by the new GM Approval table, so this adjustment is no longer available to add, although on characters who are already using it, it will continue to function.

Validation Suppression and Filtering

  • Added the ability to suppress validation messages.
    • Validation messages now have their own ellipsis menus, through which they can be suppressed/un-suppressed.
    • The Validation Report window now has two tabs - one for active validations & one for suppressed validations.
  • When adding to a table, choices now have more granular levels of validity than simply being valid/invalid.
    • Choices will be highlighted different colors (red/yellow/blue) to reflect this.
    • Replaced the "Hide invalid choices" checkbox with a dropdown to hide choices with different validity levels.
  • Added a checkbox to specifically filter out items that require the GM's permission to select.

Resizable Panels and Dialog Window Panels

  • Added the ability to resize the navigation panel and side panel on tablet-sized or larger windows and devices.
    • When either panel is not fully collapsed, a resize button will appear in its top right or left corner, respectively.
    • Clicking a resize button will open an overlay with handles for resizing both panels.
    • Handles are displayed both for expanded and collapsed panels, as space is reserved for collapsed panels and influences how large the other panel can be.
    • When dragging a handle, the overlay displays the valid range that the panel can resized within. The limits of this range are influenced by a variety of factors to ensure correct display of content in all panels.
    • Previously, the side panel would over-stretch on very large displays for views which do not consume the full available horizontal space. When switching between such views and the Play tab, which does consume the full available space, the size of the side panel would swing drastically. Now, on such displays and views, the app will show a "filler" area consuming the unused space on the right side of the screen. This keeps the side panel a consistent size on all views, and prevents over-stretching on non-Play tab views. The size of the filler area can also be resized via the same overlay as the panels, but some side panel views may not take advantage of further.
  • Several dialog windows now have panels which can be pinned open, temporarily overlaid, collapsed, and resized just like the app's main navigation and side panels.
  • The following windows are now resizable:
    • Add to table
    • Dice Roller
    • Table row details
    • Create character from Vault
    • Create folder
  • More windows will become resizable as the dev team gets to them.

Gear Tree

  • Added a new side panel view showing all gear, organized by their container (e.g. backpack, belt pouch, etc).
    • Containers can be expanded and collapsed, showing which containers are nested in others.
    • Gear can also be managed from this view, such as moving containers, splitting and merging stacks of ammo, and selling gear.
  • When adding to tables, added a panel attached to the window providing access to all gear on the character. This allows managing of gear (e.g. stowing in backpacks, etc) as items are being added or purchased without leaving the window.
  • When opening an item's detail window, added a panel attached to the window providing access to other items in the same table (e.g. other skills, other abilities, etc) without leaving the window. If the detail window shows a gear item, this panels displays the character's gear tree instead, allowing managing that gear without closing the window.


  • Added the ability to print out statblocks directly from the statblock window.

Changes and Improvements

Suspended Equipment

  • The "Equipment Storage Locker" concept has been revised to improve clarity on how it works. The original name somewhat confusingly implied a physical location, although it didn't work in the way one would expect based on the name. This was largely due to constraints on the original implementation. After revising the underlying implementation, we've also updated how it is presented to users.
    • Gear can now be "Suspended" in stead of moving it to the "Equipment Storage Locker". This allows characters to have suspended gear anywhere on their character without restriction, such as within a backpack, including being mixed with other non-suspended gear in the same container. Note however that a suspended container may only contain suspended gear (any gear moved into it will become suspended, and any gear already inside of it before the container is suspended will become suspended when the container does).
    • The Suspend option is now on the top level of an item's ellipsis (...) menu, rather than one level deeper in the "Move to..." menu
    • Removed the "Stashed" checkbox on Suspended gear tables. This was originally used to indicate the item was not physically carried by the character, and so should not add to its weight. Moving such gear to the "Elsewhere" container, or any Custom Location should now be used instead.
    • The "Active Weapons Groupings" section on the weapons table has been removed. Weapon may now be suspended on an individual basis, and any previously omitted weapons will be located in the Suspended Weapons table.


  • When adding items to tables, when the main area of the selection window is narrow (e.g. on a phone, or when side panels are enlarged), added a more prominent "Back to list" button at the top of the details view after selecting an item. The existing back button on the window server this purpose (and still does), but this should be much more discoverable.
  • On dialog windows with back (and occasionally forward) buttons, the icon for that button has changed to be an arrow, rather than a chevron. This brings these buttons in line with the rest of our app conventions, where arrows indicate navigation, while chevrons indicate expand/collapse.
  • When an account logs in on a device for the first time, the toast informing the user about Hero Lab Online's recent release and how to view the release notes no longer automatically closes. Toasts about subsequent releases on that same device now auto-close slightly later than they used to to give the user more time to react if they want to.
  • SF - Added labels for user text boxes in the table item details window
  • SF - Slightly improved the layout of the Rest and Recharge window to make it more clear which checkboxes affect which button actions

Client Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause "Pick with id ### does not exist" errors to pop up after viewing a selection's details while it was deleted in another tab.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sized side panels would cause character side panel section links (e.g. Combat, Modifications, etc) to take up extra horizontal space. Instead, they are now truncated with ellipsis (...) if their text is too wide.
  • Using the arrow keys to navigate through lists of items to choose from will now work more reliably.
  • Made it more visually obvious which item will be selected when using keyboard controls.
  • PF2/SF - Spellcasting tables will now also be shown in a Spells section between Equipment and Abilities, to provide a focused location for managing any spellcasting your hero has.
  • SF - Partially fixed an issue where the Homeworld input would unusably small at certain screen sizes.
  • iPad - Fixes play tab column being unnecessarily narrow on when in portrait mode with the navigation panel pinned open

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - Infused bombs weren't being shown in the weapons table or on the play tab.
  • PF2 - Magical gear that applied a condition if a character was of an opposed alignment were not applying their conditions properly, such as the Holy rune on a weapon wielded by a good character.
  • PF2 - The riding drake animal companion's breath weapon was not showing its DC.
  • PF1- The Devotion Phantom's Defending Aura adjustment was not applying a deflection bonus to AC.
  • PF1 - Voice of Righteous Purity (Rite Publishing) was not allowing shout or sound burst to be gained as spells.
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