New Content

  • PF2 - Added the character content from the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path - Purchase Now
  • SF - Added the Galaxy Exploration Manual - Purchase Now
  • SF - Added the Starfinder Alien Character Deck - Purchase Now

New Client Features

  • Campaigns - Dice Roller - Added the ability to submit manually entered rolls,
    • Ideal for users who want to roll physical dice or use an external rolling program, but still want their dice results reflected in the campaign's dice roll history.
    • Manually entered rolls will be annotated as such in the dice roll history, to provide transparency for the GM
  • Campaigns - Added the ability for GMs to view trashed PCs on the campaign PC list.
  • Campaigns - Trashed campaign PCs may now be recovered or deleted permanently.

Client Changes and Improvements

  • When adding money or XP to a journal entry, the summary background listing the resources earned on that journal entry now flashes briefly to emphasize that it has been updated
  • Added a new Product Info menu option to the main gear menu, which opens a submenu with links to About Hero Lab, Release Notes, Manage Account, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and our Company Website. Also included several of these new links at the bottom of the Product Settings navigation panel
  • Enabled accessing the Product Settings view even when not logged in, providing access to information such as release notes, as well as troubleshooting tools.
  • Changed the name of the main gear menu Settings option to Product Settings
  • When connection to the Hero Lab Online server is lost (e.g. due to loss of internet connection) and a message is displayed to this effect, the client now continues to try to reconnect in the background without requiring the user to close the message to retry. The message automatically closes when connection is re-established.
  • Dice Roller - Clarified the toggling behavior of the edit button
  • Campaigns - Dice Roll History View
    • Updated scrolling behavior to leave view-switching controls "stuck" to the top when scrolling the view down
    • Improved presentation of custom dice rolls (note: this will only apply to newly made rolls. Existing rolls will use the old behavior)

Client Bug Fixes

  • Replaced the broken back/settings button on the bug report page with a button that closes the tab.
  • Fixed "Print completed" messages sometimes failing to display the name of the printed character on other tabs.
  • Fixed an issue with some tables (e.g. spells) where subheadings didn't stand out enough from items in the table.
  • Fixed an issue where character limits on text inputs could be exceeded on some mobile browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Import from Vault" character list would not load completely after switching between accounts with access to different vault characters.
  • When adding something to a character that is removed from the list of selections after it is added, an "Added" message is now displayed similarly to the message displayed when adding something that isn't removed from the list of selections.
  • Dice Roller - Fixed multi-roll buttons (e.g. roll all damage) having the wrong styling
  • Campaigns - When modifying initiatives on the stage, the bubbles in the top left corner of the character portrait will now update to display the modified initiative values before re-sorting the entire list.

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - A giant instinct barbarian who was raging and had the Giant's Stature feat active would not gain the improved raging damage bonus with weapons that had been purchased a size larger.
  • PF2 - Fixed a typo in the name of Infinite Possibilities.
  • SF - The Solarian's Sidereal Influence now chooses whether it is not in use, or currently attuned to photon or graviton skills at this time, instead of using a simple on/off choice that affected all of the chosen skills while turned on.
  • SF - The Solarian's Sidereal Influence now functions properly with HLO's die roller, adding a d6 to the roll, instead of requiring you to roll the d6 separately and then set the bonus.

Hotfix @5:55 pm Pacific

  • SF - Repairs bug preventing Alien Character Deck from displaying new races in Alien Archive 4
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