Client Changes and Improvements

  • Some basic dropdown menus for characters have been converted to a new "Select from list" input control. This should make cases that had long menus somewhat easier to use. More importantly, it paves the way for future enhancements, such as adding search capabiltiies. This change also reduces the overall data usage of the control.
  • The item details window will now displays a validation summary of all of its sub-items
    • PF1 - Pending gear purchases no longer have their validation issues reflected elsewhere in the interface. They are now solely reflected within the primary item's detail window
  • Improved the layout of the portrait upload window gallery, with a wider gallery on wider devices.
  • Campaigns - Added the ability to "promote" a script-only NPC to being an overall campaign NPC cast member.
  • Campaigns - Added the ability to "demote" an NPC cast member to being a script-only cast member.
  • Campaigns - Added the ability to turn an NPC cast member into a PC, along with granting control to a specified player
  • Campaigns - Added the ability to turn a PC into an NPC cast member, including selecting a folder for them to reside in

Client Bug Fixes

  • PF2 - Detailed NPCs now properly display the final values for their stats on their appropriate customization tables.
  • PF2 - Removed a few monsters that were duplicated in the vault
  • SF - The Importance dropdown on Skills for NPCs was not affecting their values.
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