New Features

  • Added the ability to use any game system skin and theme combination with any other game system as an optional "experimental" feature. This feature can be found on the new Application Settings view, described below.
  • Added a new overall Application Settings view, accessible from the Settings item in the main app "gear" menu
    • Moved existing "Manage Account" and "Release Notes" external links from the main app menu to the new Settings screen
    • Moved access to the About Hero Lab view from the main app menu to the new Settings screen

Client Changes and Improvements

  • When an item is inside of the equipment storage locker, and tables on the details view of the items will now show their add add buttons as disabled. Previously, they were completely hidden.
  • Added a new Troubleshooting view to the app settings menu.
    • Added the ability to send character snapshots to the customer support team for diagnosis. The feature can be enabled through the Troubleshooting settings, but this should only be done when directed by support staff.
    • Added a Contact Support section with bug report button to troubleshooting view
    • Moved Support Operations from bug report to troubleshooting view
  • PF1 - Changes the Cursed/Intelligent/Legendary on weapons/armor/the custom legendary item pick to use a Special Qualities table instead of checkboxes.
  • Campaigns - Players can now drop campaigns while still awaiting the GM's approval by clicking a button on the campaign's entry in the campaign list.

Client Bug Fixes

  • Fixes "An error occurred contacting the correct game system server" and "Attempt to access inactive game system on server" errors that could sometimes occur when creating a character or importing a character from the vault
  • Fixed an issue where some views would display in the default app theme instead of the last used theme after reloading the page (e.g. About, Bug Report, etc).

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - Pathfinder Society organized play restrictions have been updated to include Lost Omens Legends, Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, and the Lost Omens Ancestry Guide.
  • PF2 - The grouping of language choices was re-arranged. A "Planar Language" category is now available, and "Uncommon Languages" have been renamed "Other Languages"
  • PF1 - Each Occultist implement now includes a single listing under Play's Special Abilities section that tracks the focus that has been invested and used. Invested focus is set in the details, then usage can be ticked down as they are expended.
  • PF1 - The Occultist's Curator archetype was incorrectly setting each relic as being invested with focus equal to your Int mod. Relics now use a single pool of focus, which can be split with the Complex Collection ability when gained.
  • PF1 - Instead of checkboxes to make a weapon or armor intelligent, legendary, or cursed, there is now a table of "Special Item Qualities" where these options are selected.
  • SF - Drones with minions were displaying in the "Other Purchases" table instead of just with Tech items.
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