Important Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - The Pathfinder Society Organized Play rules have been updated to version 2.0 of those rules.

Game Mechanics

  • PF1 - Some special weapons, such as Trample and Constrict, were not displaying among the weapons on the Play tab.
  • PF1 - Specific magic weapons/armor that have special materials or powers will display these on their details page.
  • PF1 - The Witch's familiar's spells (and other classes with non-physical spellbooks, like the Warlock class and the Arcanist's unlettered Arcanist archetype) were not being displayed on the class tab.
  • SF - The Enhanced Resistance feat was incorrectly granting DR against everything but the selected damage type.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed at least one instance of switching game systems resulting in requests going to the wrong game system server, causing errors.
    • We're uncertain if this is the only cause of these errors, and will be monitoring the situation post-deployment to determine whether further fixes are still necessary.
  • Fixed some errors that could occur after switching between game systems with multiple tabs open (e.g. Lead not accessible due to status: Deleted, Non-existent lead specified). These could occur if a character was deleted in one tab, but this was not reflected in the other tab after switching game systems.
  • PF1 - Fixed a typo on the Classic Portfolio Upload window.
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