• The remaining Pathfinder 1 vault characters (several thousand) are now available
  • Images attached to Pathfinder 1st edition portfolios that were imported were not showing correctly in the printout; This has been fixed
  • Server stability improvements
  • An outstanding issue exists where under certain (currently unknown) circumstances, switching game systems results in requests going to the wrong game system server, causing errors. This happens relatively infrequently, currently we're seeing it affect a handful of users earch day based on our error logs and support tickets.
    • WORKAROUND: We aren't sure exactly what causes this yet, but refreshing your browser should fix the error. In the meantime, we've added instructions to refresh your browser to this specific error message, as well as adding a link to perform the refresh on the error message itself.
    • If you happen to be able to reliably reproduce this issue, please contact support to provide the steps for doing so. Our dev team would love to know how this is happening to fix it!.


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