New Features

  • The Weapon Storage Locker is now the Equipment Storage Locker, which can hold most types of gear.
    • A "Stashed" checkbox has been added to all gear in the ESL, which causes its Bulk to be ignored by the hero.
    • A new tab has been added to the Equipment section where all gear in the ESL may be viewed.
    • Money is now the only gear allowed to be moved into the Elsewhere location. Other gear should now make use of the ESL and its Stashed option.
    • Weapons cannot be moved out of the ESL if the character is at/above the weapon limit.
    • While at the Weapon Limit, no new ammunition could be added to a character. This has been corrected, so that you can still add normal ammunition, but cannot add bombs and grenades that are weapons.
  • Export and external integration features are now supported for Pathfinder 2nd Edition in both the client and the public API (previously they were only supported for Starfinder)

Client Changes and Improvements

  • When there is an announcement of critical priority that the user hasn't seen, the announcements dialog is now automatically opened when they log in, or their session is refreshed (e.g. after server downtime)
  • When multiple tabs are open just prior to a new release, fixed an issue where only the first tab to detect that the server was back up would automatically reload, and the others would need to be manually reloaded. Each tab now automatically reloads once it detects that the server is back up
  • Instead of the cryptic message "No entries selected" on an empty table, tables will now have a message tailored to 3 different possibilities: "Select now with the Add add button" for tables that should be added to, "Adding is optional" for tables that are typically situational, fluff, or have limited mechanical impact on the character, and "Nothing to add right now" for tables that are shown on the character but likely shouldn't be added to until later in the character's development (e.g. abilities gained at a later level).
  • When adding to a table, improved the presentation when the selection window was displayed but no list item has been selected yet
  • When moving gear, added headings to group together move targets that are in Equipment Storage vs outside of it
  • When adding gear, increasing the quantity to be added beyond 1 automatically configures the items to be added as a new stack. They can still be unstacked after purchase, provided unstacking would not go over any equipment limits such as weapons.
  • PF2 - Spell tables now dim the names of spells that were added to them but are currently unavailable for some reason

Client Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instances where duplicate toasts saying "A new important announcement is available." would appear in inactive tabs, instead of just one
  • Fixed a few cases (like adding multiple class levels at once) where the UI would allow you to attempt to add up to 20 at a time, but would be rejected with a server error of adding too many at once. The limit is now standardized at 5 for non-stackable additions.
  • SF - Fixed an error preventing the Weapons table from being displayed for Solarians
  • SF - The bonuses columns on skills and ability scores were empty.

Game Mechanics

  • PF2/SF - Many equipment tables have been reorganized for improved clarity.
  • PF2/SF - The Weapons tables have been adjusted for easier readability of pertinent information.
  • PF2 - The Special Items table has been renamed "Magic Items"
  • PF2 - The Magic Items and Alchemical Items tables have been moved to a new "Magic Items" tab.
  • PF2 - Alchemical Items (Non-Infused) have been moved out of the Magic Items table and into their own table on the Magic Items tab.
  • PF2 - Snares have been moved out of the Special Items table and into their own table on the Gear tab.
  • PF2 - Personal details such as age, height, etc. were not displaying fields to be edited.
  • PF2 - The Success and Critical Success levels on the Phantasmal Calamity spell were swapped.
  • PF2 - The Azure Brilette Aeon Stone's description text was not being formatted correctly.
  • PF2 - The rhoka sword from Bestiary 2 was missing.
  • PF2 - The Barbarian's Juggernaut ability's summary was listing successful Will saves as crit successes instead of Fort saves.
  • PF2 - Greater floating shield was showing the item level and price of the regular version.
  • PF2 - The Curse of Lost Time spell was missing its casting traditions.
  • PF2 - There was a typo in the Wary Disarmament feat's description.
  • PF2 - the Dominate spell did not have the Incapacitation trait set.
  • PF2 - The Swaggering Initiative feat was showing incorrect summary text.
  • PF2 - Natural weapons and shield bashes were incorrectly showing that they were able to be moved into containers.
  • PF2 - Barding of the Zephyr was not available for purchase as armor for animal companions.
  • PF2 - Ammunition now sorts by type (e.g. arrows, bolts, etc.)
  • PF2 - Armor moved from a master to a minion now displays on the minion's Gear table if they do not have an Armor table.
  • SF - Tech/Magic/Hybrid Item tables have been moved to a new "Magic/Tech Gear" tab.
  • SF - Starting wealth was not able to be modified.
  • SF - Solarians with the Solar Weapon ability were not able to see the Weapons table on the Equipment - Weapons tab.
  • SF - Solarian Weapon Crystals were appearing on the Magic Item table instead of with Hybrid Items.
  • SF - A number of abilities, feats, and items were either missing an activation to apply their temporary HP, or damage was not correctly applying to their temporary HP before being deducted from normal HP.
  • SR6 - Attack Rating was not displaying correctly for most weapons on the Play screen or the Summary sidebar.

Public API/Export Changes

See the documentation at and for details on the changes noted below:

  • Pathfinder 2nd Edition is now accessible via the public API
  • The export structure of attack/damage info for Starfinder weapons has been revised
  • The "identify-game-server" endpoint has been added to the public api
  • The assorted status-monitoring endpoints of the public api now require a custom header

Hotfix (Build F5FE3E4)

  • SF - The racial modifiers and theme bonus were being added to the base value column on the Ability Scores tab.
  • SF - Bonuses from ability score advancements as you level up were not included in the "Bonuses" column on the Ability Scores tab.
  • PF2 - If money was stored in the Elsewhere location, it was incorrectly reporting an error message recommending that items be moved out of Elsewhere.
  • PF2 - The "money" item was incorrectly showing the "Relic Gifts" table
  • PF2 - Fixed some spells showing an incorrect level badge
  • Fixed error "Json command 'addPick' must have a string member 'stacking' Command 'addPick' has invalid stacking '' specified" when buying non-stackable items like spellbook spells, vehicles, minions, etc.
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