New Features

  • An "Export/Integrate..." menu option was added to the application menu when a character is loaded in main panel. This menu option is currently only supported for Starfinder but we plan to support other game systems in the future. This option allows you to get the export data for your character in JSON format. In the future, it will allow you to get an element token with which you can integrate your character with external applications that support integration with Hero Lab Online (e.g. in the future, virtual tabletops)

Client Improvements

  • Improved the reliability of the client's automatic detection of server maintenance or unplanned downtime
  • Rearranged the ordering of many dynamic tables (e.g. on Class tabs) to better reflect the order in which they should be interacted with

Game Mechanics

  • SF - Several weapons that have non-standard damage (such as Flash Grenades) were not displaying their damage correctly in the weapon lists or when the damage was rolled.

Hotfix @3:10 pm Pacific

  • SF - Custom item levels on equipment were unable to be set by users, preventing the purchase of items which required this to be set (such as the signal jammer).
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