• Overhauled many systems behind the scenes that are necessary to support upcoming VTT integration.

Client Changes and Improvements

  • Adds a button with a bell icon to the application header to view announcements. New announcements are flagged on this icon with a red badge, and only announcements not yet seen by the user are fetched when the dialog is opened, with an option to view older messages. Important announcements are additionally flagged to the user via a toast message which prompts the user to open the announcements dialog.
  • All users who were logged in prior to this release will need to log in again after the release
    • Blocks that users collapsed on the Campaign Participants view have been reset to their default state (expanded) to accommodate some internal changes to Hero Lab Online, but can be collapsed again if the user chooses to.
    • Cast and script folders that were expanded in the Campaigns left-hand navigation have been reset to their default state (collapsed) to accommodate some internal changes to Hero Lab Online, but can be expanded again if the user chooses to
  • To accommodate internal changes to Hero Lab Online, bookmarks to campaign cast member and script folders, as well as script details that were created prior to this release will redirect to the home folder instead of loading the bookmarked item. Any such bookmarks will need to be deleted and recreated after navigating to the desired item.
    • When an account folder is renamed, deleted, or moved and the user is viewing a descendant folder of the folder being altered, they are now redirected back to the home folder instead of the closest ancestor
    • Bookmarks to deleted cast member and script folders will now redirect to the home folder
  • Developer's Note: Whenever possible we strive to NOT reset user preferences like this, but in this case it would not have been feasible to do so. We hope to keep such resets to a minimum moving forward.
  • Removed options for toggling fast evaluation mode on and off (as well as forcing re-evaluation). This has been functioning well for a while now, so we're now making it our exclusive mode of operation.
  • Restyles the main panel scroll bar to blend more with the overall visual theme
  • Standardizes side panel scroll bars theme across all views
  • Brings scrollbar theme closer to standardized across Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Chromium).
  • The description for journal entries has been re-arranged to be in the same format as the descriptions of other content.
  • PF2 - Tweaked the alignment of attacks in the character summary panel to be more readable

Client Bug Fixes

  • PF2 - Fixed side panel pick menu header text being the wrong color
  • PF2 - Skills - Fixed locked skill pips not appearing if a skill had more than one locked pip, e.g. Skilled Heritage
  • PF2 - Skills - Fixed locked "Trained" skill pips being too lightly colored

Known Issues:

  • PF2/SF - Faction champion boons that were un-slotted before the update may have their slotted status reset to "slotted". If you have more than one champion boon on a character, or have both the basic and improved faction boons for a faction, this could mean that an error message is reported that too many faction boons are slotted. To fix this, go to the Profile tab, and un-check any faction boons that you do not want to be slotted.

Hotfix Build 9E24D76

  • Fixed the inability to create campaigns
  • PF2 - The Cast button for focus spells was not functioning
  • PF2 - Spellbook casters could not prepare new spells or delete existing spells

Hotfix @7:50 Pacific (no client build number change)

  • Fixed "Engine exception for Apply_Change" errors occurring for various character when attempting to edit them
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