New Content Available

  • PF2 - Added the Advanced Players' Guide. This initial release contains nearly everything in the book, missing only 20 of the archetypes that will be added in upcoming releases. Purchase Now

New Features

  • The main menu print option now opens a dialog containing print options that can be changed prior to printing.
    • Character printouts will now be a single file per-character, based on the selected print options (previously, all possible options were delivered in separate files).
    • In SR6, these print options now only appear in this dialog and no longer appear on the character's settings page
  • Campaigns - Dice Roll History - Adds an ellipsis (...) menu for GMs to edit various aspects of dice roll history entries after they are made. Changes are immediately reflected for all users.
    • The name of a dice roll entry can be edited
    • The visibility of a dice roll can be edited. For rolls made by players, the options are "Public" and "Private" (GM + rolling player only). For rolls made by the GM, the options are "Public" and "GM Only"
      • Added badges/labeling on rolls to clarify visibility (e.g. non-default visibility such as public GM NPC rolls, or private player rolls)
    • PF2/SF - If a roll has a possible critical component (e.g. a damage roll), the GM can toggle the critical on or off after the initial roll was made. This can save a player from having to toggle it themselves and submit a 2nd entry to the roll history (i.e. the GM can directly edit the critical on/off without submitting a second entry)
    • Fixed an issue where submitting dice rolls to the campaign history would not display the "in progress" spinner in the header
    • Fixed some layout and spacing issues in the dice roll history item display

Major Changes

  • Campaigns - The "Resolve Scene" and "Abandon Scene" options have been replaced with new set of options with more intuitive behaviors: "Wrap Scene", "Clear Stage", "Set Restore Point", and "Reset to Restore Point". The main goal of these changes is to eliminate accidental discarding of important character data, while still allowing for common retcon scenarios.
    • Adds a help button to the stage control panel for GMs, outlining how all the various stage control panel commands work.
    • The remove from stage option now includes a prominent warning when changes to PCs since the last restore point will be discarded, with explanation of alternatives. It also now mentions when changes to NPCs will be discarded
    • Tweaked the behavior of the Start Tactical Mode button to make it less likely to be accidentally clicked (it initiates a stage transition, as does cancelling tactical mode, so accidentally clicking it resulted in extra annoying wait time).
      • Starting tactical mode now also automatically sets the restore point, so this fact is now noted along with the button to set user expectations appropriately.

Client Changes and Improvements

  • When adding new choices in a table, the list of choices now has collapsible groups.
    • Fixes some layout issues with category counts
  • Campaigns - Added the ability for GMs to roll custom dice rolls (and submit them to the campaign dice roll history) without needing to have a character selected in the main panel
  • Campaigns - When attempting to start a session in a campaign with no PCs, adjusted messaging and added a link to the view where PCs can be added.

Client Bug Fixes

  • Campaigns - Fixed an issue where damage for weapons with multiple damage types in the dice history would instead display an error message: "Unable to display: Results may be in an older format".
    • Note that this fix only applies to new dice rolls made going forward. Any existing dice rolls displaying this error will continue to display it, until they are removed from the dice history (only the last 100 rolls are retained).
  • Campaigns - Fixed rolling critical damage with a large enough negative modifier causing an error
  • Campaigns -Fixes character summaries not always being up to date in the "Remove from Stage", "End Session" and "Wrap Scene" dialogs

Game Mechanics

  • The limit of weapons that are allowed on a character before some must be moved into the weapon locker has been relaxed from 6 to 8.
  • Minion characters no longer show a settings tab (since these settings are all inherited from the master, and should be chosen there).
  • PF2 - The Messenger's Ring (and greater) was setup as a shoes instead of a worn ring.
  • PF2 - The Quick Disguise skill feat was looking for master proficiency instead of expert proficiency in Disguise.
  • PF2 - Bucklers and Tower Shields where increasing their bulk when not worn.
  • PF2 - The human ancestry feat Arcane Tattoos was not applying the Charisma modifier to the chosen spells.
  • PF2 - The Crystal Keeper Dedication was not allowing access to the feat Simple Crystal Magic.
  • PF2 - The Twining Staff was not gaining the correct proficiency when changed into a Bo Staff.
  • PF2 - The Hellknight Armiger Dedication was not correctly upgrading Hell Lore to Expert when two sources had the skill as Trained.
  • SF - The Aesthetic Warrior alternate feature for Soldiers was not giving the Improved Unarmed Strike feat as a bonus feat.
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