New Features

Fast Evaluation Mode

  • Adds menu items to enable and disable fast evaluation and force a full re-evaluation to the application gear menu
  • A one-time notification is now displayed the first time an account loads a character with the new fast evaluation feature enabled on a particular device. The notification informs the user that the feature has been turned on for the character and includes information about the new feature as well as about the new application menu items associated with it

Improved Dice Roll Support

  • Added custom dice rolls support
    • Each character starts with simple default dice roll (e.g. 1d20 or 1d6), but this can be customized like any other dice roll.
    • The last custom dice used will be remembered upon reopening for the duration of the browser session (e.g. closing the browser or reloading the page).
    • Campaigns - when rolling a custom dice roll in a campaign, a new label field allows for naming the dice rolls as they will appear in the campaign dice roll history
    • SR6 - You can switch between 2 different roll styles: Success (the default) and Value (initiative-style)
  • Added an explicit edit mode for modifying dice
    • More minimal visual presentation when not in edit mode
    • Toggling this mode is remembered locally on each device even if the app
  • SF/PF2 - Added support for adding/removing terms from dice rolls (custom and otherwise). This allows you to add additional dice of different types, or tack on additional separate bonuses and penalties
    • KNOWN ISSUE: Deleting dice roll terms until the only term left is a non-dice static numeric term can result in being unable to add new dice. For a non-custom die roll, closing and reopening the dialog fixes the issue. For a custom roll, refreshing the page fixes the issue
  • Campaigns - Adds the ability for GMs to make dice rolls on behalf of their players
    • Such rolls default to GM visibility only (for secret rolls), and will only be seen by the GM in the dice roll history.
    • Such rolls can be changed to public visibility if desired, but will bear a "Rolled by [username]" label when viewed in the dice roll history.
    • Such rolls will be switched back to GM visibility only after each roll, to avoid accidental disclosure of future secret rolls to players.
    • When making such rolls , added additional help text to the dice roller window explaining the above items
  • Campaigns - When modifying a dice roll, the modified dice are now displayed in the dice roll history instead of the "Custom Roll" placeholder
  • Campaigns - dice roll history now uses damage type icons, similar to the dice roller
  • Campaigns - dice roller visibility controls are now a little more vertically compact

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixes NPC HP bars being displayed to players when "No HP Information" was selected for the campaign's shared settings
  • Fixes HP bars showing up as grey instead of colored when "View current HP" was selected for the campaign's shared settings
  • Fixes certain instances of "Engine_Request_Exception: Engine exception for Get_Actor_Json" which would occur repeatedly after a minion was deleted in a different tab
  • Campaigns - SF - if an NPC happens to have stamina, it is now hidden from players unless "View current HP" is selected

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - Archetype dedication feats now sort after the normal class feats of the same level, to make things easier to locate.
  • PF2 - The limit that each armor or weapon can only have a single Talisman attached at a time was not being enforced.
  • PF2 - The Summoned Creature character type has been hidden from the list of character types a new character can have. We've decided it was redundant to have both summoned creature and normal NPC options available. Existing characters will not be affected - this only prevents new ones from being created.
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