New Features

  • Campaigns - Dice Roll History
    • Dice rolled by characters in a campaign can now be shared with the campaign. Dice roller windows now have a "Visibility" control at the top. This defaults to "Everone" for PCs and "GM Only" for NPCs, but can be changed.
      • An additional "Not recorded" option is present to allow for rolls that are not shared and recorded within the campaign. Note though that switching to or from this mode will clear the current roll results (so no rolling until you get what you want before sharing!)
    • Dice roll history is available as a view in the side panel. Entries in the history show the final result, of the roll, and can be clicked to show additional information such as a breakdown of the results and damage types, if applicable.
    • Changes made to a roll after it's been rolled (e.g. rerolls, changing modifiers, applying critical effects, etc) can be submitted as a new entry.
    • Only the most recent 100 rolls are available, and only for characters that remain on stage. Characters removed from the stage will have their rolls removed as well.
  • PF2 & SF - Overhauled Dice Rolls
    • Overhauled the dice rollers used by PF2 and SF to use a shared system with the more advanced dice rollers SR6 has had for a while.
    • Improved support for multiple roll modes, such as Ranged vs Melee
    • Attacks and damage can be rolled together simultaneously or separately
    • Improved support for making multiple attacks
    • Improved support for applying critical damage
    • Improved display of dice to be rolled, modifier breakdown, etc.
    • Added display of damage types
    • Rolls can be modified is several ways as needed before rolling, such as changing the type or number of dice, as well as changing any modifier associated with the dice. Some changes may be made post-roll as well.
    • Fixed cases where situational modifiers for rolls would sometimes not be displayed within the dice roll window.

Known Issues

  • When viewing a character you don't control within a campaign, rolling dice on that character will result in an error message (although no history entry will be recorded)
  • When adding an individual NPC to the stage and loading that NPC, some data may appear missing, and attempting to roll dice will result in an error. Refreshing the view for the NPC will result in the correct data appearing, and the rollers working a expected for the duration of that NPC's presence on stage.
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