Client changes and improvements

  • When a new version of Hero Lab Online is required to continue interacting with the server, a toast message is displayed explaining this. Clicking the toast message refreshes the browser page and updates HLO to the latest version.
  • SF & PF2 - When selecting spells to prepare, the form for choosing the spells now displays the same information as the table itself regarding how many choices remain for each spell level
  • Campaigns - For players in campaigns, the "Assign Ownership to Campaign" menu option now is available whether or not Patron content sharing is enabled in the campaign, and the dialog now includes an option to assign control to the campaign owner instead of the player (this is the only valid option if Patron content sharing is not enabled)
  • Campaigns - GM-Controlled PCs now include an "Assign Ownership to Player" menu option which allows assigning ownership of the PC to a chosen player
  • Campaigns - The Create button for scripts has been replaced by an "Add" menu that contains the Create option (more menu items are planned to be added in the future). This Add menu is also now displayed when there are no scripts in the campaign (previously, only the Create Scene Script prompt was shown in the body of the block in that case, and the header button was hidden)

Client bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where clients that reconnected after server downtime didn't properly initialize the connection in some cases and as a result data stored on the client became out of date
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