Client changes and improvements

  • Added an "Add Wealth" link on all Equipment tabs, near the current wealth display, linking to the Journal Tab for better discoverability
  • Added an "Add XP/Level Up" link (SF/PF2) to the My Classes tab and an "Add Karma" (SR6) link to the Advances tab, linking to the Journal Tab for better discoverability
  • When adding a new journal entry, the entry edit form now opens automatically instead of needing to be opened manually.
  • For characters not using money (typically NPCs), added a new "Add more..." option to the ellipsis menu for consumable gear. This allows them to quickly increase their current stack size, in the same way that "Buy more..." works for money-using characters (except always for free, obviously).
  • Campaigns - A menu item for players to drop themselves out of a campaign was added to the Member Accounts table on the PCs and Players view. The menu item for this which previously was on the Campaign Overview menu didn't work and has been removed from there.

Client bug fixes

  • When selecting choices for a table on a character, fixed the header title of the choose form displaying a generic title instead of the title of the table being added to. Also fixed the header not including a number of choices (e.g. 2 of 4)
  • PF2 - Fixed heightened spells on class preparation tables not displaying the level ordinal suffix (e.g. 2nd, 3rd) they were heightened to in the arrow icon badge.
  • Campaigns - When opened, the character preview dialog for pcs and unique npcs that are on stage now loads the most up to date information for the character (previously, it would only reflect changes up to the last scene that was resolved by the GM)
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