Client changes and improvements

  • Moves item stack management out of the item details window and into the item's ellipsis menu (next to other useful options like Buy More and Move To).
  • When downtime is upcoming, only one toast notification will be displayed. Thereafter, the upcoming downtime will be displayed in a new window accessed via an "Upcoming server downtime" indicator button on the right side of the application header. When downtime is within 60 minutes, as small countdown timer will appear next to the indicator.
  • When a minion is not currently shown but the maximum number of shown minions has not been reached, buttons to open the character are now disabled with a message indicating that the minion must be shown before opening it
  • PF2/SF - The spells in wands/staves/scrolls/spell gems now show the item that grants them on the play tab
  • PF2/SF - Temporary Hit Points added by an adjustment or ability no longer show a checkbox to activate the pool - now, whether a temporary hp pool source is in use is controlled only by whether the parent ability is active.
  • Campaigns - Hides beneficial effects such as combat states on npcs from players on stage
  • Campaigns - Initiative now appears after health/vitals in the quick edit popup on stage

Client bug fixes

  • Fixed downtime display not correctly recalculating itself based on the current time.
  • SF/PF2 - For temp HP resource meter, fixed a non-functional number input displaying (temp HP is always controlled indirectly).
  • SF/PF2 - Fixed use temp HP checkbox alignment
  • PF2 - The infused items an alchemist had created for themselves were not being shown in the Infused Alchemical Items table.
  • PF2 - Fixes not being able to add infused alchemical items in quantities greater than 1
  • PF2 - Defaults newly added infused alchemical items to merge with existing stacks
  • PF2 - Spellcasters who prepare their spells could not choose how many copies of a spell were prepared.
  • SR6 - Magical Foci could not be bound
  • SR6 - Qi Foci could not select the adept power they improve.
  • Campaigns - Fixed Surprise rounds and surprised characters being displayed unintentionally when tactical mode was not configured to have a surprise round
  • Campaigns - On stage, fixes a layout jump that could occur when in tactical setup mode modifying initiatives, causing potential misclicks. The first time a character's initiative was modified, a "Sort Now" button would appear, causing the shift. An informational message is now displayed in that location, acting as a placeholder to prevent that shift.
  • Campaigns - In tactical mode setup, fixed surprise controls wrapping oddly
  • Campaigns - In tactical mode setup, fixed inconsistency between Determine Surprise and Modify Initiative list modes. The latter would hide the last stat column to make room, but the former would not. They now behave the same way.

Game mechanics

  • All - We have re-examined our weapon limits on characters and decided that each stack of grenades and bombs should only count as half a weapon towards the number of weapons that are allowed to be in active use on a character.
  • PF2 and SF - The Weapons Locker now has a button to "Hide Shield Bashes", so that those no longer count against the weapon limit. This should also hide any weapon directly attached to a set of armor, like the Horns on Demon Armor in PF2, but not weapons the user chooses to install in armor, like any weapon installed in Power Armor in SF.
  • PF2 - If you own the Bestiary 1 package you will now be able to easily add minion characters from your summon monster spells. After adding a summon monster spell (Summon Animal, Summon Celestial, etc) a new table will allow you to add your summon creatures as minions. Then, go to the Play tab to activate the minions while they are in use.
  • SF - Summon Creature spell can now have the selected creatures activated on the Play tab to summon the selected creature as a minion.
  • PF2 - For animal purchases like warhorses and dogs, new options are available that will add a minion character with that animal's statistics. These new options will require the Bestiary 1 package, because that is the book that includes the statistics for these animals. Users who only have the core rulebook will still be able to purchase a representation of their horse which will serve as a container you can put gear into.
  • SF - New options have been added for the spy drone and the domestic drones from the Armory book that include the drone as a minion for the character.
  • PF2 - The Voluntary Flaws variant rule from pg 26 of the Core rulebook is now implemented. To use this, turn it on for a character in the Settings tab, then three menus will appear on the Ability Scores tab to choose your 2 extra Flaws and 1 extra Boost.
  • All - On the Profile tab, there is now an "Appears As" text box, below where you record Player and Character name. This allows you to replace your normal race text with the chosen text when viewed in the tactical console. For example, if a shapeshifting doppleganger was in the form of an elf, the DM could enter "elf" here and the players would see that character as an elf.
  • SR6 - Foci purchased in advancement mode could not be bound.
  • SR6 - A Spellcasting focus was not improving the dicepools of the spells in its category.
  • SR6 - A Qi Focus could not select which adept powers it adds.
  • PF2 - The Harrow Doll creature in the Vault was missing a "metal harrow deck" in its gear
  • PF2 - Stock creatures for Dryad Queen, Adult Blue Dragon, and Adult Bronze Dragon have been added to the Vault
  • PF2 - Characters using the Dual Classed rules from GMG who had not added a second class yet were getting an error for their class feats table.
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