Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - A barbarian with the animal instinct was always over the limit of weapons outside the weapons locker.
  • PF2 - The Bloodline Skills added for multiclass Sorcerers were not functioning correctly. It was granting those two skills as trained, and then allowing two additional choices, instead of allowing two skills to be selected, and verifying that the two bloodline skills are checked either in this column or another column.
  • PF2 - Ammunition was not showing the name of any special materials added to it.
  • All - when a stack of ammunition is split, the new stack is now un-equipped, instead of sharing the equip status of the original stack.
  • PF2 and SF - When viewing a character from the stage on the side panel, spells were not visible.
  • SF - The Biohacker class was providing its field of study breakthrough when taken instead of the correct levels of 5th, 11th and 17th.
  • SF - The Roboticist theme was causing a character to count as if they had spell-like abilities before level 12 when the theme gains Make Whole.
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