New Features

  • Campaigns - Adds a new Character Options button to the Campaign Settings view. This allows GMs to set up the default settings for characters in the campaign. New characters created inside the campaign will be initialized with a snapshot of these options. Existing characters will not be modified.
    • Beta Limitations: There is currently no way to automatically apply these options to existing characters (though you can do so manually). In the near future, options to apply the campaign options to existing characters will be made available, as well as tools to exempt characters from compliance, and bulk update all characters in the campaign to comply.
  • Campaigns - On the PCs and Players view, as well as the Cast view, added an indicator to characters if their character options don't match the campaign's configured default character options.
  • Campaigns - Makes the campaign navigation "settings" link available to players, so they can access a (view-only) version of the Campaign Options view

Changes and improvements

  • Converts resource and usage trackers (e.g. consumables like ammunition, renewable like spells, etc) to count down (from an initial total quantity, tracking the remaining quantity), rather than up (tracking the amount used), as a more natural way to track important character resources
  • For Play tab weapons and equipment, adds an ellipsis menu, which allows you to manage gear holders (e.g. backpacks), hiding equipment from the play tab, and managing used quantity
  • For equipment, moves the Show on Play Tab checkbox from the equipment details window into the ellipsis menu for faster, easier access to customize what equipment appears on your Play tab view
  • On the play tab, combined the "quantity tracker" button for equipment into the ellipsis menu for more intuitive "one-stop-shop" access.
  • On the play tab, moved equipment ability use tracking from the "Activate" lightning bolt button into the ellipsis menu for more intuitive "one-stop-shop" access.
  • On equipment rows throughout the character, added a small indicator icon to the right of the equipment name if that piece of equipment is held in a gear holder (e.g. backpack), or is contained within/part of another piece of gear (e.g. ammo loaded in a weapon, a weapon component slotted into a weapon, etc). The name of that holder/container is still found within the ellipsis menu for that item.
  • Integrates moving gear between masters and minions into the same system as moving gear between gear holders and containers.
  • Improved the display of checkboxes and radio buttons that have been set to a new value, but are awaiting an affirmative response from the server.
  • On the details form for weapons, in the Ammo table, adds a checkbox to indicate which ammo is currently loaded/in use in the weapon (which may change its stats)

Client Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a small performance issue when opening a dialog window on character views where the character's portrait was visible
  • On the character summary side view, fixed some spacing issues in tables
  • SF & PF2 - In the details window of an item on a character, fixes an empty Manage Gear section appearing for items it shouldn't
  • Campaigns - Fixes changes to "Show Retired Scripts" resetting the "Show Participants" setting on stage, and vice versa
  • Campaigns - Fixes scene script menus at the bottom of the script list being cut off
  • Campaigns - Fixes HP bars on stage stretching beyond the height of the portrait for players if the HP bar was contained in an item whose height had increased due to text wrapping

Game Mechanics

  • PF2 - Added adjustments for many polymorph spells, concentrating on the wild shape options available to a low-mid level druid. Adjustments for the remaining polymorph spells will be added in upcoming releases.
  • All - Because weapons are one of the most resource-intensive parts of a character, and we've been running into trouble with characters who have too many weapons, there is now a limit of 6 in-use weapons at a time on a single character. Any weapons beyond that should be moved into the new Weapon Storage Locker, which is done like moving an item into a bag or backpack. While in the locker, they will not be available on the Play tab, but their resource load is greatly reduced.
  • All - New checkboxes at the top of the weapon storage locker to allow you to hide the Unarmed Strike/Fist, or hide all natural/unarmed attacks except that main one. Hiding these weapons makes them no longer count towards the 6 weapon limit before you need to move weapons into the storage locker.
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