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1 # New Content
3 * PF2 - Added Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse - [Purchase Now](
5 # Client Changes and Improvements
7 * Deactivated Pride Month decorations for all users. These can be reactivated any time of the year under Settings > Skin & Theme
8 * Pride-versions of the Hero Lab and game system logos are now controlled by the same settings as the rest of the pride decorations.
9 * Minions can now be activated from the ellipsis menu.
10 * To avoid confusion with the "Show On Play Tab" option, the "Show Character" option for minions has been renamed "Activated".
11 * PF2/PF1 - Journal - Improved the appearance and layout of the form for adding XP, money, and PFS resources to journal entries.
12 * S6 - Journal - Tweaked the appearance and layout of the form for adding karma, money, reputation, and heat to journal entries.
13 * PF1 - When polymorph effects are active, added the ability to allow selection or changing of a race to transform into, and the selection of which abilities would be lost/retained upon transformation.
14 * PF1 - Adjusted the Rest and Prepare window to only have a single set of reset checkboxes that work when pressing either the Night's Rest or Full Day's Rest button, instead of each button having its own checkboxes duplicated.
16 # Client Bug Fixes
18 * PF1 - The option to activate or deactivate a minion and to transition to the minion was not available from the minion's details page, the way it is in the other game systems.
19 * SF - In the Temporary Adjustments and Permanent Adjustments tables, checking the box did not turn the adjustment on or off.
20 * SF - Custom power armor couldn't set its size when worn.
21 * SF - When customizing NPCs, if a new movement type was added, there was not a way to set the speed for this movement.
22 * Campaigns - Fixed an issue where trashed campaign PCs would appear on the list of PCs to be added to the stage when starting a session (but would not actually be added to the stage).
24 # Game Mechanics
26 * PF1 - Incorporated the 6/30/2021 Additional Resources updates for Pathfinder Society, adding support for Arcane Anthology, Chronicle of Legends, Concordance of Rivals, Druma Profit and Prophecy, and Wrath of the Righteous.
27 * SF - Incorporated the 7/1/2021 updates to the Character Options for Starfinder Society, adding the Galaxy Exploration Manual.
28 * PF2 - The Ferocious Shape and Soaring Shape druid feats were not applying their bonuses to Athletics and Acrobatics when an appropriate polymorph adjustment was activated.
29 * PF2 - Battle form polymorph spell adjustments were not always allowing applicable modifiers to be applied to the hero's stats (circumstance, status, and penalties).
30 * PF2 - Battle form polymorph spell adjustments were reducing non-armor penalties to Speeds.
31 * PF2 - Polymorph spell adjustments now compare their attack modifier to the hero's unarmed attack modifier and automatically use the better of the two. This will account for the application of the potential +2 status bonus if the "Wild Shape" activation is on.
32 * PF2 - The "Wild Shape" activation of polymorph spell adjustments was always applying a +2 bonus to attacks, rather than only if using your own unarmed attack modifier.
33 * PF2 - Polymorph spell adjustments were not taking the better of their skill modifier or the hero's, where appropriate.
34 * PF2 - Dragon Form was incorrectly granting low-light vision.
35 * PF2 - Righteous Might was not increasing the resistance to physical damage when heightened.
36 * PF2 - Righteous Might (Precision Damage) was not adding precision damage to the associated weapon.
37 * PF2 - The item bonus to attack from the alchemist's goggles was stacking with a bomb's inherent item bonus to attack.
38 * PF2 - Some backgrounds were not allowing you to select other skills if your class made you trained in the same skill your background would grant.
39 * PF2 - The versatile heritages now rename their ancestry by appending the name of the heritage, instead of prepending it (so Human assimar instead of Aasimar human).
40 * PF2 - The lion's shield was showing a -1 armor check penalty.
41 * PF2 - The Returned background was displaying Boneyard Lore as being trained twice.
42 * PF2 - Eldritch Archer dedication spell slots were not always correctly stacking with existing spellcasting.
43 * PF2 - Impassable Wall Stance wasn't recognizing a fighter's Attack of Opportunity ability.
44 * PF2 - Several spellcasting NPCs from the Gamemastery Guide's NPC gallery were not displaying the correct number of spell slots.
45 * PF2 - For the Fleshwarp's Living Weapon feat, the description for the claw option listed the wrong damage.
46 * PF2 - The wording on the angelic halo sorcerer focus spell wasn't updated to the second printing.
47 * PF2 - The inspire courage and inspire defense spell adjustments couldn't be adjusted to account for the use of inspire heroics.
48 * PF2 - Tengu Weapon Familiarity wasn't altering the required proficiency for the chosen weapons.
49 * PF2 - The Fogfen Tale-teller background was missing its skills.
50 * PF2 - When using the automatic bonus progression optional rule, weapon property runes couldn't be added to handwraps of mighty blows.
51 * PF2 - A character with handwraps of mighty blows equipped wasn't showing their fist attack on the printed character sheet.
52 * PF2 - The Azlanti language has been moved to Uncommon Rarity.
53 * PF2 - The Vishkanyan language has been moved to Rare, since the Vishkanya race is Rare.
54 * PF2 - The Immortal Ichor creature was not properly displaying the domain spells gained from its Dead Spells ability.
55 * PF2 - Magical armor with the invested trait wasn't granting its nonmagical item bonus to armor class when not invested.
56 * PF2 - Impenetrable scale wasn't updated to match the latest errata.
57 * PF2 - Core class choices, such as a barbarian's instinct, a sorcerer's bloodline, or an oracle's mystery weren't being exported by the API.
58 * PF2 - The bloodline bonus spells for a character with the sorcerer dedication feat were being exported by the API.
59 * SF - Custom power armor couldn't set its size.
60 * SF - The Multiweapon Fighting feat was not reducing the full-attack penalty for Operative melee weapons.
61 * SF - The Multiweapon Versatility feat was not applying its effects correctly.
62 * SF - The Starfinder Data Jockey archetype's Fast Retrieval ability was not allowing the selection of custom Professions.
63 * SF - Raxilite PCs were taking size penalties to attacks when using Medium one-handed weapons, which should have been eliminated by their LFAN ability.
64 * SF - The Shadow Infusion feat was not granting darkvision.
65 * SF - Clarified the text of summoned creature options.
66 * PF1 - The limit of three minion characters active at a time was not being applied.
67 * PF1 - The Foe-Biting mythic Legendary Item power was not appearing as valid when applied to a weapon.
68 * PF1 - The Vigilante talent Leap and Bound was not applying the character's Strength modifier to all Acrobatics checks.
69 * PF1 - The Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat was not increasing sneak attack dice if the character had unchained sneak attack and a class which granted regular sneak attack at an unreached level (such as 1 level of Arcane Trickster).
70 * PF1 - A specific magic shield added to a character with no other shields would not auto-equip itself if the character was already wearing any form of armor.
71 * PF1 - Plant type familiars were not receiving an Intelligence score.
72 * PF1 - Many adjustments have had labels added to their numerical value selectors.
73 * PF1 - Rolling the damage for a ranged touch attack could generate red pop up errors.
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