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1 = Game Mechanics =
3 * SF - Starfinder Society rules have been updated to version 4.0 (effective date 5/28/2021)
4 * SF - Several abilities such as Trick Attack and Overcharge were causing errors in the damage roller.
6 = Client Changes and Improvements =
8 * Added a character counter near the bottom right corner of large text inputs to make character limits more obvious.
10 = Client Bug Fixes =
12 * SF - When the 'No XP to Level' option is active, the table for setting the starting level is redundant and has been hidden.
13 * When Hero Lab Online is live but the account server is temporarily unavailable, attempting to log in no longer displays an "HTTP error in fetch" error message.
14 * Visually tweaked some informational text boxes in campaigns to make them easier to read in various themes.
15 * Fixed an issue where the scroll bar wouldn't reset to the top when switching to a different page in the character view.
16 * Fixed an issue where the campaign summary input was assigned a max of 250 characters despite the server's maximum being set to 200, allowing users to enter enough characters to get an error from the server.
18 = Hotfix (1:35pm Pacific) =
20 * Fixed a performance/stability issue which was slowing down the loading and editing of characters since the morning release
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