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1 # Client Changes and Improvements
3 * When the server goes into maintenance mode (or unplanned downtime), instead of switching away from your current view, the current view remains visible. Instead, a small floating message appears at the top of the application, indicating server's current status.
4 * While the server is in one of these modes, most operations are unavailable, as they require the server. However, information already retrieved can still be viewed (e.g. the current character), limited navigation can be performed (e.g. switching tabs on the character), and local-only operations can be performed (e.g. making dice rolls, although they will not be campaign-shared). Our hope is that this lessens the negative impact of downtime, especially short-duration downtime, as already loaded character information can still be viewed and referenced during gameplay.
5 * Failures logging in are now reported more quickly in certain situations involving server downtime
6 * Changed the announcement window to display announcements in separate groups based on their level of importance. Each group displays announcements in chronological order.
7 * Selections made on a character that require content that is no longer accessible will now show up as a character validation error.
8 * Added a more helpful error message when trying to view the details of a selection requiring inaccessible content.
9 * Changing an input back to its previously set value should no longer spawn a "Character update resulted in no changes" error.
10 * SF/PF2 - Several minor visual updates to make consistent with similar data layouts in PF1.
11 * SF - Racial abilities that have been replaced are now more visually distinct
12 * Campaigns - Campaigns that have Patron content sharing enabled will now be marked as such on the campaigns list for GMs.
13 * Campaigns - If you log out or are forced to log out while looking at a campaign, you will now be brought back to that campaign so long as the page isn't refreshed and no other accounts are logged into in the meantime.
15 # Client Bug Fixes
17 * Fixed validation messages not appearing at the tops of many tables
18 * Fixes list items occasionally overlapping when adding something to a character
19 * Fixes list items overlapping in the import from vault dialog when new items are added to the vault while the client is open
20 * PF1 - Fixed being unable to add sub-items (e.g. materials, special abilities) to WIP customized items
21 * Campaigns - Fixed an issue where non-Patron accounts would be told that the maximum number of campaigns with content sharing had been reached on the campaign settings screen instead of the intended message.
23 # Service Bug Fixes
25 * Fixed an error that prevented certain characters from being cloned or imported from the vault
27 # Game Mechanics
29 * SF - The Decoupler grenades did not have the Corrode critical hit effect listed.
30 * PF2/SF - A number of monsters had attacks that would report red notifications if they were used in the die roller.
31 * PF2 - Specialized animal companions weren't increasing their natural attacks to three dice.
32 * PF2 - The enervation spell was missing its heightened effect text.
33 * PF2 - Oracles with the battle mystery weren't gaining expert weapon proficiency with their chosen weapon group at level 11 and expert proficiency with medium and heavy armor at level 13.
34 * PF2 - Presidigitation was listed as a 1 Action cast time.
35 * PF2 - The feral child background now automatically adds darkvision if the character has low-light vision.
36 * PF2 - Weak and elite challenge adjustments weren't modifying a creature's spell DCs correctly.
37 * PF2 - The Feral Child background wasn't handling its skills correctly when the character's class made them trained in Nature or Survival.
38 * PF2 - A character who took the druid multiclass archetype was being locked into their order's skill instead of getting the option to train another skill if they were already trained in that skill.
39 * PF2 - The raging intimidation feat grants Intimidating Glare and Scare to Death, but if you gained these feats this way, those feats would not warn you that you already had that feat, meaning you could add the feats again as a skill feat choice without being warned.
40 * PF2 - The Litany Against Wrath focus spell had the incorrect save listed.
41 * PF2 - The thief rogue's racket was applying its effect to unarmed attacks.
42 * PF2 - Bomber alchemists were being granted master proficiency with bombs at level 13.
43 * PF2 - The Mercy feat was listed as being a free action instead of one action.
44 * PF2 - Visions of Danger spell has critical success and success save results reversed.
45 * PF2 - The acid splash spell from the Elemental Wrath feat was showing as taking 1 action, not 2.
46 * PF2 - Survey Wildlife feat was incorrectly listed as requiring One Action.
47 * PF2 - Damage types were being repeated on the printed character sheet.
48 * PF2 - Dragon Presence wasn't appearing on the Play tab.
49 * PF2 - A human with the Adopted Ancestry and Gnome Polyglot feats wasn't showing any languages to choose from.
50 * PF2 - The tables to add relic aspects and gifts were appearing for a witch's spellbook.
51 * PF2 - The description for the azure brilette aeon stone would not render.
52 * PF2 - Stamina rules didn't work with a Player Character Rules NPC.
53 * PF2 - Affliction Mercy was listing Greater Mercy as a prerequisite instead of Mercy.
54 * PF2 - Pathfinder Society members should have access to the Cold Iron Blanch.
55 * PF2 - Swashbuckler dedication only grants 1 trained skill, but its error message was reporting that both acrobatics and the skill associated with your style should both be trained. It should instead be requiring that one or the other of these is trained.
56 * PF2 - The Elf Step feat's text was not updated to the second printing.
57 * PF2 - Steady spellcasting had an incorrect summary.
58 * PF2 - Shadow's Web spell had a typo in the name.
59 * PF2 - Clan's Edge feat has the wrong summary information.
60 * PF2 - Elf Atavism was displaying incorrect summary information.
61 * PF2 - In class feats, the Archetype Dedication feats have had their headers renamed, from "Archetype Feat" to "Dedication Feat".
62 * PF2 - The Performance skill was listing the example Master level audience as Expert.
63 * PF2 - The Cataclysm spell's name was misspelled.
64 * PF2 - Sawtooth Saber had a typo in its name.
65 * PF2 - Signifer was misspelled in multiple locations.
66 * PF2 - Stratagem was misspelled in multiple locations.
67 * PF2 - Hand of the Apprentice had typos in its description.
68 * PF2 - If a witch character lost access to the APG, and then regained it (for example, if you opened the character while your account was expired and then re-started your account), its spellbook could lose its association with the witch class, meaning errors would be reported that more starting spells could be chosen, and new prepared spells could not be added.
69 * PF2 - The Grab and Improved Grab abilities had incorrect summary information.
70 * PF1 - Negative levels were adding HP instead of removing it.
71 * PF1 - the Equipment, Item Slot adjustment could not select which magic item's slot should be changed.
72 * PF1 - The Weapon Trick (Polearms) feat was missing its activation.
73 * PF1 - The enervation adjustment's effects weren't being applied correctly if it was changed from being a mythic spell to normal.
74 * PF1 - Kineticist blasts with the Kinetic Blade infusion applied weren't getting the damage bonus from Power Attack.
75 * PF1 - A kineticist's blasts weren't showing up in the stat block.
76 * PF1 - The archivist bard archetype was replacing Inspire Greatness instead of Jack of All Trades.
77 * PF1 - The adjustments that alter a specific class' saving throws or base attack bonus were incorrectly reporting that a choice should be made even after that choice was made.
78 * PF1- The Allow Starting Language adjustment wasn't able to choose a language.
79 * PF1 - A cavalier could not select his mount with the mounted condition adjustment. This meant that his armor check penalty was still being applied even when he was riding his mount.
80 * PF1 - The Divine Scourge cleric archetype was showing an error on the class page.
81 * PF1 - The text for elemental saturation talents from Occult realms was showing an error
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