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1 # New Content
3 * PF2 - Added issues 5 and 6 to our existing Extinction Curse package - [Purchase Now](
4 * PF2 - Added the character content from the stand-alone adventure The Slithering - [Purchase Now](
5 * PF2 - Added the pregenerated characters from The Slithering
7 # Client Changes and Improvements
9 * PF2 - Melee and Ranged damages values for all attacks of their respective types can now be customized on NPCs.
10 * Campaigns - Inactive campaigns can no longer be opened, preventing invalid campaign access errors. Attempting to open an inactive campaign will redirect you to the campaigns list.
11 * Campaigns - Retired campaigns can now be recommissioned from the campaigns list.
12 * Campaigns - Tweaked the layout of the campaign overview.
14 # Client Bug Fixes
16 * When adding money, experience or other resources to a journal entry:
17 * Fixed the input fields not clearing themselves after adding
18 * Fixed the journal information not updating the display of the new amount of resources earned/spent on the entry.
19 * Fixed an issue with the input text color on the delete confirmation dialog being too dark to read on some themes.
20 * Removed the buttons for opening the campaign dice roll history and stage side views for characters that are not associated with a campaign.
21 * Fixed an issue where clicking the "Load Full Character" button on top of the side panel would open the stage side panel view for characters that are not on stage or associated with a campaign. Now it will stay on the character side panel view and (if possible) swap the characters in the main and side views, just like the "Load Full Character" button on the bottom of the side panel.
22 * PF1/PF2 - PFS characters can now add fractional amounts of XP through the journal.
23 * PF1 - Fixed the associated Faction input field not correctly reflecting the actual faction selected for that entry, instead displaying the selection for a different journal entry.
24 * PF1 - Fixed an issue where the size set in the customize menu would be ignored when creating equipment.
25 * PF1 - When selecting favored class bonuses for each class level, fixed the display of some of the option names not properly reflecting their effect (e.g. "Half-elf Cleric" instead of "1/4 CL to remove afflictions"
26 * Printing - Fixed the "Printing..." indicator text in the app header being too dark to read in all themes.
27 * Campaigns - Fixed an issue where the dice roller would always use the visibility option last selected for an NPC or "none" instead of the current selection.
28 * Campaigns - Fixed the issue with the summary textbox overlapping the overview textbox on the campaign overview page.
29 * Campaigns - Fixed an issue where trashed campaign PCs would stay available on the PC list until the page was manually refreshed.
31 # Game Mechanics
33 * PF2 - Added spell adjustments to apply the effects of higher-level polymorph spells.
34 * PF2 - On a character who is currently in demo mode, and had enough XP earned through journals to increase their level by at least one, the starting level value on the My Classes tab would increase with every change made to the character, even if that change was unrelated to level or XP.
35 * PF2 - The Greater Doubling Rings are now fully implemented, and can transfer property runes.
36 * PF2 - A custom feat option is now available as a skill feat.
37 * PF2 - Characters with the oracle archetype were gaining more benefits from their chosen mystery than are allowed by Oracle Dedication.
38 * PF2 - Dragon Arcana wasn't adding the spells to your spell list.
39 * PF2 - Voluntary ability score penalties were not stacking correctly with flaws from other sources.
40 * PF2 - If many lore skills were added, bringing the total skill count above 25, skills at the bottom of the skill list would no longer show their checkboxes to choose them as a trained skill. This limit has been expanded from 25 to 30.
41 * PF2 - A Night's rest was resetting used scroll spells.
42 * PF2 - Bomber, Chirurgeon and Mutagenist alchemists were gaining Perpetual Perfection at 15th level, instead of 17th level.
43 * PF2 - Adaptive Adept could not select a 1st-level spell.
44 * PF2 - Spells selected by Adaptive Adept could incorrectly be selected as signature spells or be heightened
45 * PF2 - The spell selected by Adaptive Adept was not being restricted to the same spell list as Adapted Cantrip
46 * PF2 - Adapted Cantrip and Adaptive Adept were allowing you to select spells that are already on your spell list, which would provide no benefit.
47 * PF2 - Many summoned creatures would have a display error when added to the character.
48 * PF2 - Elephants were missing the animal trait.
49 * PF2 - An earth mephit's fist attack had the wrong traits.
50 * PF2 - Aeon stones could not be moved into or out of a wayfinder.
51 * PF2 - The Screened combat state was left over from the playtest and has been removed.
52 * PF2 - The description for the cover combat state has been updated, and adjustments for lesser and greater cover have been added.
53 * PF2 - The Specialty Crafting feat's name would display the specialty twice.
54 * PF2 - Energy resistance runes added to a robe of the archmagi were not granting their resistance.
55 * PF2 - The Wellspring Gnome heritage (assuming Occult or Arcane was selected for that heritage's tradition) was not counting as a valid prereq for the Gnome's Instinctive Obfuscation feat.
56 * PF2 - On a character with the Monastic Archer Stance currently active, the Ki Strike spell adjustment was not improving the appropriate bows. Now, the adjustment will switch from unarmed attacks to only bows while that stance is active.
57 * PF2 - In the 2nd printing of the Core Rulebook, Healer's Blessing was increased to 2 HP of healing at 1st level. The text of this spell has been updated to reflect the most recent rules.
58 * PF2 - Summoned creatures were limited to barding for armor.
59 * PF2 - the Druid's Storm Retribution feat was not being displayed on the Play tab's list of special abilities.
60 * PF2 - In some cases, requirements that you use an option like a class or background to make a certain skill trained were not being satisfied by other options that took that skill directly to Expert or higher.
61 * PF2 - If the Dual Class rules were turned on, but only a single class was added, the HP from the character's class would not be added to the total HP
62 * PF2 - In the list of classes to choose from for the second class of a dual class character, two copies each of Cleric, Fighter, Rogue and Wizard were visible.
63 * PF2 - The Dark Tapestry lore skill could be added more than once.
64 * PF2 - The settlement lore, positive energy plane lore, and negative energy plane lore skills were missing their description.
65 * PF2 - The relic gifts Linguistic Nexus and Repository of Knowledge were unclear about how to make their selections.
66 * PF2 - The Everstand Stance feat was not increasing the damage of shield bosses and shield spikes unless that weapon was specifically set as being used in two hands. This control was not easily discoverable. Instead, the everstand shield stance feat now makes all shields count as two-handed items, so that if you also have a weapon equipped, an error will be reported that you are holding too many items, and the damage of shield bosses and shield spikes will always show the improvement from Everstand Stance while that feat is turned on.
67 * PF2 - The prerequisite for Instinctive Obfuscation was not being fulfilled by Natural Illusionist
68 * PF2 - The spells for Natural Illusionist are now added to the hero.
69 * PF2 - The Rough Rider feat was not permitting a wolf as a mount.
70 * PF2 - The battledancer and wit swashbuckler styles were granting bonus feats when taken by a character with the swashbuckler archetype.
71 * PF2 - Swashbucklers couldn't take feats related to their style's trained skill as stylish tricks.
72 * PF2 - Ancestry weapons were not having their proficiency modified by the fighter's Weapon Legend ability.
73 * PF2 - The sorcerer bloodlines from the APG would show every spell they grant on the Sorcerer Spells list once added, instead of waiting until the correct level to display the spell, like the core rulebook archetypes do. To reduce clutter, the APG bloodlines have been set up so that they also hide the spells you cannot cast yet.
74 * PF2 - The Fighter's Weapon Mastery and Weapon Legend abilities could not select the Bombs group.
75 * PF2 - Several archetype feats were not counting towards whether two feats from their archetype had been selected and another archetype can be started.
76 * PF2 - Access to restricted weapons was not always correctly being granted to characters, such as in the case of clerics whose favored weapon was Uncommon.
77 * PF2 - Modifiers to a character's reach from effects like the enlarge spell were not being applied to weapons.
78 * PF2 - The bonus from the Fleet feat was not being added in if you had another movement speed whose speed is calculated based on your regular movement.
79 * PF2 - The multilingual feat wasn't granting enough extra languages if the character was master or legendary in Society and had taken the feat more than once.
80 * PF2 - Devise a Strategy and Strategic Strike were not applying their bonus damage to a bomb.
81 * PF2 - Pathfinder Agent Dedication wasn't making Pathfinder Society Lore expert when added.
82 * PF2 - The greater striking and major striking runes weren't improving the die count of the Deadly trait.
83 * PF2 - The display name and stat block for the Deadly weapon trait didn't reflect how the trait appears in books.
84 * PF2 - Skillful Lessons was not allowing the selection of skill feats linked to a Lore skill.
85 * PF2 - Improvised Weapon Master and Surprise Strike were not counting toward the minimum number of required archetype feats before the character could take another dedication feat.
86 * PF2 - Eldritch Archer spells were not adding the character's charisma bonus into their attack rolls and saves.
87 * PF2 - Archetype feats from a dedication feat gained through the Multitalented feat could not be added as free archetype feats.
88 * PF2 - Consult the Spirits could only be taken once, and could select skills that did not have master proficiency.
89 * PF2 - Eldritch Archer Dedication wasn't granting a free cantrip when taken by a character that uses a spellbook.
90 * PF2 - Archetype feats from a dedication feat gained through the Multitalented feat could not be added as free archetype feats.
91 * PF2 - Having a focus spell now adds a minimum of one focus point.
92 * PF2 - the Dueling Riposte feat was not recognizing the version of Dueling Parry from the Swashbuckler class as a valid prereq.
93 * PF2 - The Champion's Blade Ally ability was not allowing handwraps of mighty blows to be selected as the weapon to improve.
94 * PF2 - The runes added to the Champion's Blade Ally were being displayed in some gear lists, such as on the statblock.
95 * SF - The Energy Shield Mechanic Trick was not adding temporary HP while active.
96 * SF - Once the Shadow Corruption had advanced to Stage 2, the table to add gifts from this corruption was not visible.
97 * SF/PF1 - The description of Damage Reduction abilities has been expanded to include the full rules for this ability.
98 * SF - The force field upgrade added by the Purple Sphere Aeon Stone when it is socketed into armor with an Aeon Stone slot was counting towards the number of upgrades allowed in the armor.
99 * SF - Ability score increases from Personal Upgrades were not counting towards the ability score minimum for the Adaptive Casting feat.
100 * SF - The Poison Rejection (Near Space) feat was not recognizing the Slime trait of the Osharu race as a valid prereq for that feat.
101 * SF - The Xenoseeker theme was not making Life Science a class skill.
102 * SF - A Soldier (Aesthetic Warrior) who selected Heavy Armor Proficiency as a feat choice was not actually gaining the effects of heavy armor proficiency.
103 * SF - The Mechanic's Superior Overcharge trick could not be selected additional times (to further increase the damage bonus from the Overcharge trick)
104 * SF - The Mechanic's Superior Overcharge trick was not properly recognizing Improved Overcharge as satisfying its prereq.
105 * SF - The Shuriken Assassin Operative exploit was not setting up carbonedge shuriken to be modified by Trick Attack when that ability was turned on.
106 * SF - The Shuriken Assassin Operative exploit was not setting up carbonedge shuriken to be available as melee weapons. Setting them as operative melee weapons also makes them eligible for triple attack and quad attack.
107 * SF - A biohacker's weapon specialization was only adding 1/2 level as a specialization bonus to weapons that are injection, but are also basic melee weapons or small arms (such as injection spears). Only the weapons that biohackers are proficient in only through their Injection Expert ability use half specialty damage, the rest add the full biohacker level.
108 * SF - Professional clothing and professional's tools were not able to select custom profession skills.
109 * SF - If the Boost property was added to a custom weapon, it was not offering controls to set the dice it adds.
110 * SF - A mystic with the Star Shaman connection would see an error from the Fly Speed saying that no maneuverability was assigned.
111 * SF - The Vesk's Natural Weapons ability was still applying its specialty, even if it was disabled by an Alternate Racial Trait (such as Prehensile Tail).
112 * SF - The Cultural Chameleon and Half-Ryphorian alternate racial traits for Half-Elves were replacing the Adaptability ability, but not removing the copy of Skill Focus added by Adaptability.
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