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1 # Client improvements and bug fixes
3 * Added a border around the dialog window for list input controls to make it stand out a bit more, especially when opened from within another dialog window.
4 * Fixed a case where text containing bullet list formatting would cause an error
5 * Campaigns - Fixed an issue where campaigns created by you would not show up as possible destinations when you attempt to introduce a PC to campaigns from the select character menu.
6 * SF - The Maximum Dexterity modifier could not be set on a custom shield
7 * SF - Custom powered armor could not set the armor's speed statistic.
8 * PF1 - When the background skills rule was active, background skills weren't being shown on the Play tab or in the character summary.
9 * PF2 - Weapons Tab - Fixed weapon attack and damage running together in a single continuous line instead of correctly broken up by melee vs ranged, and attack vs damage.
10 * PF2 - Fixed formulas still showing configuration options for the base item.
11 * SR6 - Fixes the Resources display in the purchase form to be readonly. Previously, attempting to edit the value would result in the error "Field 'resFractional' is not a user field"
12 * SR6 - In advancement mode, new skill specialties could be incorrectly added to the individual skills. Once you are in advancement mode, new skill specialties are added from the Advances tab.
13 * SR6 - In advancement mode, skill specialties could be incorrectly upgraded from specialties (+2) to expertises (+3). Once you are in advancement mode, upgrading skill specialties is done from the Advances tab.
15 # Game Mechanics
17 * SF - The correct list of allowed options for Starfinder Society Organized Play have been set up for Near Space and Alien Archive 4
18 * PF1/PF2/SF - The message prompting users to enter a Player ID for Pathfinder Society characters was directing them to the wrong tab.
19 * PF2 - Success and failure text for spells and abilities wasn't being included on the printed character sheet.
20 * PF2 - Characters with the sorcerer elemental bloodline were unable to select their elemental type.
21 * PF2 - The fighter's Armor Mastery was not increasing the proficiency with light and medium armor.
22 * PF2 - As of the second printing of the core rulebook, the Adventurer's Pack no longer includes belt pouches.
23 * PF2 - If you took the Investigator feat Predictive Planner and were still 6th level, the Prescient Consumable feat that it grants would generate an error that you needed to be 7th level to add that feat.
24 * PF2 - Oracles with the battle mystery and a weapon familiarity ancestry feat were not becoming trained in advanced weapons of that ancestry.
25 * PF2 - Rogues with the eldritch trickster racket could not select feats from the chosen archetype with their second class if they were dual-class or as free archetype feats if they were using the free archetype rules.
26 * PF2 - Characters with the Magical Crafting feat could not select 1st level scrolls.
27 * PF2 - Certain extra effects added to attacks, such as Improved Grab were not displaying their text properly in the statblock.
28 * PF2 - Focus spells added to a Domain added because you took the Domain Initiate feat as a choice for the Natural Ambition ancestry feat were not set with the character's training level in the Divine tradition.
29 * PF2 - An oracle with the battle mystery was getting a bonus to AC when they had struck a target.
30 * PF2- The channeling rune wasn't working correctly for handwraps of mighty blows.
31 * PF2 - Adding a summon spell to a staff nexus staff would generate code errors.
32 * PF2 - In some cases, when a character had heightened spells on their spell list, this could cause a lower level of spells to be sorted as if it were higher level, if the first spell of that level was heightened.
33 * SF - The Envoy's Skill Expertise ability was not reporting an error if the same skill was selected at more than one level.
34 * SF - The DC for critical effects on the vanguard's critical strike wasn't scaling properly.
35 * SF - A mystic that took an archetype that replaced their 9th level class feature and chose to replace a feat was being penalized a feat upon taking the archetype instead of at 9th level.
36 * SF - The Summon Creature spell added by the Warmonger was asking for 24 summoned creature selections, even at 1st level, when Summon Creature can only be cast at 1st level. It now only asks for the correct number of selections based on the maximum level this spell can be cast at.
37 * SF - If not enough summoned creature selections have been added to the Summon Monster spell, this will now be reported as a blue-flagged notification, instead of a red-flagged error message.
38 * PF1 - The Armor Check penalty wasn't being applied for armor worn.
39 * PF1 - Setting armor or shields as masterwork was not reducing the armor check penalty for that item.
40 * PF1 - Adding a selector for replacement powers to the qinggong monk caused the selector table and the qi powers table to disappear.
41 * PF1 - The evolutions table for an unchained summoner's eidolon would disappear after choosing a class skill.
42 * PF1 - The tables for the Advanced Armor Training and Advanced Weapon Training feats sometimes disappeared.
43 * PF1 - Characters with the Fey Magic alternate racial trait were unable to select their spells.
44 * PF1 - The tables for the Celestial Obedience feat would disappear, and the feat would sometimes raise an error.
45 * PF1 - Handwraps couldn't have special materials or weapon powers added.
46 * PF1 - All familiars were showing as invalid for a Shaman (Deep Shaman).
47 * PF1 - The cape of risk wasn't calculating its DC correctly.
48 * PF1 - The kinetic knight prestige class was incorrectly reporting an error when trying to add levels to a class that grants kinetic blasts.
49 * PF1 - When viewing the description text for the Ioun Torch, HLO would report that it could not parse the text.
50 * PF1 - When viewing the description text for the Elemental Ring, HLO would report that it could not parse the text.
51 * PF1 - On spell adjustments that set an amount of bonus, and can be made mythic, if they were made mythic, the bonus would be fixed at +1, and could not be adjusted.
52 * PF1 - The Greater Magic Fang spell adjustment was not applying an additional bonus if it was made mythic.
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