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1 # New Content Available
3 * PF2 - Added Lost Omens Ancestry Guide - [Purchase Now](
4 * PF2 - Added the Azarketi Ancestry Web Supplement - this is free for all our PF2 users.
6 # Client Changes and Improvements
8 * The increase/decrease buttons on the damage/heal prompt will now be disabled until you input a value that will actually make a difference.
9 * Bug report now opens in a new window
11 # Client Bug Fixes
13 * Fixed an issue that could cause spurious error messages to appear when attempting to add spells to many different kinds of characters.
14 * SR6 - When in Character Creation Mode (as opposed to Advancement Mode), the option to change the price of gear to Free or Custom has been removed.
16 # Service Bug Fixes
18 * Fixed a problem in printouts that resulted in incorrect values being printed
19 * During import of PF1 characters, images were not being correctly hooked up for minions
20 * Text filtering of Vault characters now correctly handles multiple words, requiring all of the words to appear
21 * Print jobs would occasionally disappear prior to completion
22 * Script deletion properly unlinks associated cast members, ensuring those cast members can now be trashed or deleted themselves
24 # Game Mechanics
26 * PF2 - If you chose a Related Domain for an Oracle before choosing a Mystery, the list of available choices would show a long list of incorrect choices.
27 * PF2 - The Champion's Healing Touch feat was not increasing your focus pool by one if you already had a focus pool.
28 * PF2 - The Bard's Counter Perform feat was not increasing your focus pool by one if you already had a focus pool.
29 * PF1 - Two-handed weapons were not defaulting to being equipped in both hands, so their damage bonus was only including Strength x1, instead of Strength x1.5. This only fixes newly created two-handed weapons. To fix existing weapons with this problem, click on the weapon to open the Details page, and in Manage Gear, there should be a selector next to "Equip" that is empty. Choose "Both Hands" in this selector.
31 # Hotfix
33 * Fixed errors that would occur when cloning characters or adding characters to the stage since the morning release
34 * Fixed an error that was preventing a small number of Pathfinder 1 characters from loading
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