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1 # Client Changes and Improvements
3 * Adjusted the presentation of items when moving gear to the Equipment Storage Locker (ESL) or gear holders (e.g. backpacks), within the ESL.
4 * When moving gear, lists for "Held In", "Part of" and "Other Character" can now be collapsed and expanded.
5 * Dice Roller - Replaced Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage type icons with standard abbreviations.
7 # Client Bug Fixes
9 * When adding to tables, fixed the "show more" button showing up inappropriately for some items.
10 * Fixed cases where collapsing a block would sometimes cause it to shrink horizontally too.
11 * In the "Add to table" window, fixed list group headers using a larger font than intended in some cases, causing lots of unintended wrapping of group titles.
12 * Dice Roller - Fixed weapons that had multiple attack modes (e.g. "Range Full Attack") instead displaying their internal identifier (e.g. "RangeFull")
13 * Fixed an error when attempting to stack a pending item with a non-pending item: Cannot modify pick in pending object without applyToPending set. Pending items can no longer be stacked until after they are purchased (and therefore no longer pending).
14 * Fixed pending items showing an indicator icon normally associated with being contained within another item.
15 * Fixed an issue causing icon-only buttons (notably the ellipsis ... menus) to have their icons slightly misaligned.
16 * PF2/SF - Tables needed for abilities added via the Added Abilities tab were not displaying properly.
17 * PF1 - Intelligent items were displaying multiple instances of ability scores if you had multiple intelligent items.
18 * PF1 - Custom races could not have their names set.
19 * SR6 - Fixed an issue where the Edge Spend All button didn't spend any edge
20 * SF - Revised Play tab Spells header to be consistent with other game systems
21 * SF - Custom Boons could not have their names set
22 * PF2 - some characters had errors generating PDF files when printing
24 # Game Mechanics
26 * PF2 - An old PFS rule, granting human characters bonus languages from their ethnicities, instead of just access to those languages, was still being applied.
27 * PF2 - An old PFS rule, making all regional languages common, instead of uncommon, was still being applied.
28 * PF2 - NPC characters with the setting option "Apprentice Level 0 Characters" turned on were incorrectly receiving a level bonus to saves, perception, and armor class.
29 * PF2 - The versatile weapon property wasn't working correctly for custom weapons.
30 * PF2 - A character who gained a familiar both through the witch archetype and another familiar option was having their count of familiar abilities reduced by 1, as if only the witch archetype's rules were in effect.
31 * PF2 - The additional uses of the Drain Bonded Item ability for a universalist wizard weren't being tracked by spell level.
32 * PF2 - Talismans couldn't be moved into or out of bracers of armor
33 * PF2 - When using the rolled ability scores optional rule, ability score boosts from backgrounds were showing incorrect error messages.
34 * PF2 - The following monsters from Bestiary 2 were missing from the character vault: Planetar, Solar Angel, Ankou, Aolaz, Trumpet Archon, Star Archon, Bastion Archon, Athach, Aurumvorax, Veranallia
35 * PF1 - If an item that has multiple uses/vial was on a character imported from PF1, and the item had been partially used, the amount used in HLO would be mis-calculated.
36 * PF1 - The History tab was displaying even if Ultimate Campaign was not active, and was displaying on summoned creatures.
37 * SF - Computer modules whose cost is a percentage of the computer's cost were using the total cost, not the base cost of the computer to calculate their price.
38 * SF - The envoy's "Saving Expertise" talent was not allowing a saving throw to be selected.
40 # Hotfix
42 * Fixed load failures being experienced by a small number of characters since the morning release
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