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1 # New Content Available
3 * SF - Added Alien Archive 4 - [Purchase Now](
5 # Client Changes and Improvements
7 * PF2/SF - Certain customization elements on abilities were not functioning/displaying properly. As a whole these have been reorganized somewhat to provide a cleaner experience.
9 # Game Mechanics
11 * PF2 - Characters with the Witch or Wizard Dedication feats were not showing their spellbook on the class they were attached to.
12 * PF1 - A character in demo mode could not add a race to their animal companion.
13 * PF1 - Some characters on the stage were generating error messages when their Combat tab was viewed on the right-hand side panel.
14 * SF - When purchasing items on a stack of items (such as buying a special material for a stack of ammo), it would only charge for a single item, and not multiply the quantity being bought by the quantity of the stack it was being added to.
15 * SF - Many NPCs were getting twice as many spell-like ability uses/day as they should.
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