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1 # Client Changes and Improvements
3 Add Character from Vault improvements
5 * Significantly improved the performance when the list has large numbers of characters in it
6 * _Note: This is the performance improvement previous release notes have mentioned that was holding up the delivery of more PF1 vault characters. A separate issue related to the vault characters is still being addressed, but we hope to have it resolved soon. Thank you for your patience._
7 * When selecting a character to add, the add button "sticks" to the top even if the character's statblock is scrolled down.
9 PF1 - HLC Portfolio Upload
11 * Adds an informational message indicating portfolios must be saved from HLC v4.1 or newer (from about 8 years ago)
12 * Now rejects non-.por files without uploading them (and resulting in a server error) and adds a validation message
13 * Adds a validation message indicating that selecting multiple files at once is not currently supported
14 * Adds a validation message when dragging and dropping non-file items (e.g. browser links)
16 # Client Bug Fixes
18 * Fixed "Character update resulted in no changes" error when focusing a number field and then un-focusing it without making a change
19 * On the login page, the Device Nickname "Learn more" link now opens an informational window inside the app, rather than linking to an inaccessible forum thread.
21 # Game mechanics
23 * PF1 - Variant Multiclassing table was not appearing on the My Classes tab.
24 * PF1 - Dynamic Item Traits were not able to be added to items when that option was in use.
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