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1 # New Game Available
3 * Pathfinder 1st edition is now available in Hero Lab Online! - [Buy Now](
5 ## Known Issues
7 * PF1 Vault has only a small sample of monsters visible right now. We have thousands ready to go, but are working on addressing a performance issue before they are all made available. We hope to have the issue addressed soon.
8 * An issue with Vault filtering required us to disable filtering capability temporarily (name search is still available). We hope to have the issue addressed very soon.
10 # Client changes and improvements
12 * Reorganized several character tabs formerly under the Adventuring header under a new unified Modifiers header. Grouped together several related tables that formerly had a tab to themselves.
13 * Relocated the Journal tab under the Character grouping for easier discovery
14 * When buying gear, reworked the details section to be more streamlined and have less clutter visible at all times.
15 * A set of buttons allows you to toggle between prices: Standard, Free, and Other.
16 * Added a "Show more" button to reveal some less-often-used controls
17 * Improves the loading time for large lists of items to add or buy for characters
18 * Improves the performance of forms containing large lists of items to choose or buy from
19 * The validation report now sorts "worst-to-least" with errors at the top, warnings after that, and hints/other info last.
20 * When adding or buying an item for your character, the search box now remains visible when the items to choose from are scrolled
22 # Client bug fixes
24 * Fixed validations for dynamic tabs (e.g. classes) not showing their correct validation level under certain situations (e.g. SF Key Ability Score not chosen)
25 * Fixed an issue when adjusting the quantity of purchased ammunition. Clearing the field or typing "1" would automatically switch the stacking mode to individual, which would further restrict the quantity to 5, making it invalid to type e.g. "17" or "10". Changing the quantity no longer automatically changes the stacking type.
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