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1 # Client Changes and Improvements
3 * Improves the performance of forms containing large lists of items to choose or
4 buy from
5 * When adding or buying an item for your character, the search box now remains
6 visible when the items to choose from are scrolled
7 * When importing characters from the Vault, the available groups and tags to
8 filter on have been revised. NOTE: These tags need to be regenerated and won't be available until later today.
9 * The character preview dialog now shows a short synopsis of the character
10 instead of the longer statblock
12 # Bug Fixes
14 * SF - Fixed an error displaying on the weapons tab when a character had natural
15 weapons
16 * PF2 - When the Voluntary Flaws optional rule was turned on, the controls to
17 set which ability score is boosted and which get flaws were not visible on the
18 Ability Scores table.
20 # Game Mechanics
22 * PF2 - The spell level icon for heightened spells on the Play tab was showing the unmodified level.
23 * PF2 - Headers in some spellcasting tables were not aligned with their columns.
24 * PF2 - Items which could be invested were not showing their checkbox to do so.
25 * SF - Natural weapons were returning errors that certain fields were missing.
26 * SF - Special Materials could not be added to equipment.
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