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Joe T 2.1 1 # Client Changes and Improvements
3 - Removes the "Transitioning Stage" overlay dialog that would previously be displayed during stage transitions, preventing the app from being interacted with while it was displaying.
4 - An indicator is now displayed in the application header when certain stage operations are occurring, including certain operations being performed by external tools integrated with Hero Lab Online
5 - Reduced overall data usage when opening the form to add to a table
7 # Client Bug Fixes
9 - Fixes certain tables incorrectly scrolling horizontally when they had long row summary text, instead of truncating that text
10 - Dice Roller
11 - Fixed a thin empty box sometimes appearing at the top of the dice roller inappropriately
12 - Fixed roll damage type icons not having color when not in edit mode
13 - Fixed the size of dice roll term boxes changing subtly when switching edit mode or rolling, causing small but annoying layout shifts.
14 - Adjusted the layout of dice rolls that include effect terms. The effects are now listed beneath the roll for better layout in most cases.
15 - Campaigns - Fixed dice roll visibility controls only appearing for custom rolls rather than for any roll in a campaign
16 - Campaigns - Stage - When starting tactical mode and trying to reroll an initiative or surprise roll as the GM, fixed the "No dice rolls to display" error
17 - Campaigns - Custom dice roller
18 - Fixed campaign characters appearing in the "roll for" menu for characters not inside a campaign
19 - Fixed Roll Visibility controls disappearing when selecting "No Character" in the "Roll For" menu
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