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1 # New Features
3 * Campaigns - For GMs, added a new "Open Player-safe Window" command, which opens the stage view in a new window, but with all GM-only information removed (it effectively displays as though the GM were a player that controlled no characters). This view can be used in a variety of ways, but it is primarily intended for allowing GMs to use a 3rd-party tool to screen-share a "safe" version of the stage to players who don't otherwise have access to HLO. It can be found in the new ellipsis (...) menu in the upper right corner of the stage.
4 * A similar menu option allows the GM to switch a "player-safe" window back to showing regular GM-only information.
6 # Client changes and improvements
8 * For number inputs used for tracking a finite resource (e.g. ammo, spells, consumables, etc), the current value and original value are now displayed as a fraction (e.g. 5/10 arrows). Editing the value will display the current value, temporarily hiding the fraction.
9 * In the navigation panel for a character, adds the character's portrait to the panel header in addition to its name to aid in identifying which character you're currently viewing.
10 * Blocks can now be independently collapsed/expanded in the side panel without affecting the main panel and vice versa
11 * PF2 - Improved the contrast, readability, and overall styling of the Fantasy app theme
12 * PF2/SF Adds a star burst icon for critical hits in the dice roller/campaign dice roll history
14 # Client Bug Fixes
16 * Fixed portraits being editable from the play tab unintentionally
17 * SF/SR6 - Fixes "Journal Settings" block appearing in the details dialog for non-journal items
18 * Campaigns - Fixes "No dice rolls to display" error when trying to roll dice for an NPC added directly to the stage
19 * Campaigns - SF - Fixes info buttons in campaign view block headers having a blue color that clashed with the red header background. They are now consistent with the rest of the app
21 # Game Mechanics Fixes and Changes
23 * PF2 - Adding a lot of XP to a character (more than is required to get to 21st level), would cause the "what is our current level" check to fail, and report that the character was level 1, instead of level 20.
24 * PF2 - A shield that was not equipped was increasing its bulk (which should only be the case for armor).
25 * PF2 - An "Other Summoned Monster" has been added to each of the summoned monster options, so that if your GM makes a non-standard summoned race available, that can be added, too.
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