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1 //Note: This was a data file-only update, so there was no change to the build number from the previous day.//
3 **New Releases**
5 * PF2 - Added the Bestiary 2. This initial release contains 211 of the more than 300 monsters in the book, focusing on the lower-level monsters. The remaining monsters will be added in upcoming releases.
7 **Game Mechanics**
9 * PF2/SF - If a weapon with runes/fusions was placed inside the Weapon Storage Locker, it would report validation errors.
10 * PF2 - The Pathfinder Agent Dedication feat was not allowing an existing trained skill to be upgraded to expert.
11 * PF2 - The number of damage dice granted for a character with an active polymorph spell adjustment that grants a natural attack with multiple damage dice was stacking with the additional dice granted by Striking Handwraps of Mighty Fists.
12 * PF2 - Items added as a Formula that had constant bonuses, like a bonus to Intimidation, were incorrectly providing that bonus.
13 * PF2 - Morph spell adjustments that provided natural attacks where incorrectly being removed when a polymorph form was activated.
14 * PF2 - When a suit of magical armor was added, it was not invested by default, like other invested magic items.
15 * PF2 - The Halfling Cultural Adaptability feat had incorrect summary text that referenced a general feat instead of a ancestry feat.
16 * PF2 - When selecting signature spells the list did not contain spells of a lower level.
17 * PF2 - The Other ancestry for familiars was not being treated as an animal for abilities like Kinspeech.
18 * PF2 - The Prone condition now has a checkbox that allows for Taking Cover.
19 * PF2 - The Persistent Damage condition did not allow for a dice value to be entered.
20 * PF2 - Tracked Resources were not correctly showing the amount used on the printed character sheet.
21 * PF2 - Barding placed on animal companions was not correctly looking at the animal's ability modifiers to see if the armor check penalty should be applied or not.
22 * PF2 - Handwraps of Mighty Blows were not getting named runes (Striking, Flaming, etc) appended correctly to their name.
23 * PF2 - When a multiclass spellcaster set "Extra Staff Charges" on a staff, this would not always remove spell slots from the primary spellcasting class.
24 * PF2 - Barbarians with the Spirit Rage instinct where not receiving the +1 damage bonus when doing positive or negative damage.
25 * PF2 - The Bard and Druid multiclass archetype dedication feats were not causing the spell table to appear on the Play tab.
26 * PF2 - The Ring of the Ram's success/failure text were swapped.
27 * PF2 - The Entangle spell's description was updated from the playtest text.
28 * PF2 - The traits added to a Custom Weapon were not displaying in the statblock.
29 * PF2 - Lizardfolk that had taken the Razor Claws ancestry feat would see both the original claws and a separate upgraded claws.
30 * PF2 - When building a Custom NPC the Immunity ability was not including conditions to be chosen.
31 * PF2 - When building a Custom NPC, when adding certain traits which should automatically add one or more Immunities (such as Construct), those immunities were not being applied.
32 * PF2 - Damage Reduction added by Armor Specialization was not displaying on characters.
33 * PF2 - Innate spells provided by magic items were showing one additional casting than they should have had.
34 * PF2 - The Monk's Wolf Stance's summary text mentioned forceful instead of tripping.
35 * PF2 - The splash damage added by the Alchemist feat "Calculated Splash" was stacking with the bomb's base splash damage instead of replacing it.
36 * PF2 - The Alchemist's Dedication abilities (Infused Reagents & Advanced Alchemy) have had their descriptions updated to match the multiclass archetype rules instead of the base class rules.
37 * PF2 - Weapon specialization damage was not always being applied correctly at Master or Legendary proficiency.
38 * PF2 - The Quick Squeeze skill feat was requiring level 2 instead of level 1.
39 * PF2 - The Elven Instincts ancestry feat now has an activation option to apply its bonus to Perception checks.
40 * PF2 - The Sorcerer multiclass archetype dedication feat was incorrectly providing a focus point.
41 * PF2 - Focus spells were not included in the statblock for PCs.
42 * SF - An Ijtikri PC was not being treated as having the Kip Up feat.
43 * SF - When a Mystic Star Shaman activated Starlight Form they were receiving an incorrect validation error message about a missing Manuever tag.
44 * SF - The Nanite weapon infusion from Alien Archive was listed as level 8 instead of level 6.
45 * SF - The Polar Vortex spell was changed from level 3 to level 2 in errata for the Near Space book.
46 * SF - The Solarian's Solar Flare weapon was not being allowed as a selection for some adjustments.
47 * SF - The solider fighting style Hunter did not make Perception a class skill.
48 * SF - The Operative's Enhanced Senses exploit was incorrectly providing Blindsense (Emotion) instead of plain Blindsense.
49 * SF - Spell DCs have been added to the spells prepared display on the character sheet.
50 * SF - The Shobhad PC race was not being treated as having four arms.
51 * SF - The Paranormal investigator theme was not applying its Ability score bonus to the associated ability score of the selected skill.
52 * SF - The Quartermaster theme's Cargo Carrier ability was reporting a validation error that the two items must be selected even before level 6, when you gained the ability.
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