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1 **New Features**
3 * Campaigns - Scene scripts can now be manually retired and recommissioned via their menu
4 * Campaigns - Retired scene scripts are now hidden by default on the Scene Scripts view, but can optionally be shown there via the Scene Scripts menu
5 * Campaigns - The Character Preview dialog for cast members now shows the scripts a cast member is linked to, if any. Each script displayed includes a menu option to unlink the cast member from the script, and clicking on the script itself navigates to the script
7 **Changes and Improvements**
9 * Campaigns - Moving a cast member to the trash now shows a confirmation dialog, which also tells the user if the cast member is linked to one or more scripts and prevents trashing the cast member in that case.
10 * Campaigns - Retired cast members and scene scripts are now displayed last on the Cast Members and Scene Scripts view, if they are shown
11 * Campaigns - When selecting a scene script to enact or link a global cast member to, retired scene scripts are now hidden from selection
12 * SR6 - Moved the explanation of the "Wireless" checkbox on the details window to an info button
14 **Bug Fixes**
16 * Fixes folder names being misaligned in the "Move To Folder" dialog when moving items or folders into other folders
17 * Fixes some checkbox misalignment issues in the details window for a selection made on your character
18 * Fixed portrait gallery showing a loading spinner forever if the account didn't have any portraits uploaded
19 * Fixed several layout issues with the portrait uploader, such as misaligned icons
20 * PF2 - Fixed invisible text on the portrait uploader
21 * Campaigns - Fixes the Link To Script dialog not showing scripts as already linked to a cast member if they were in a subfolder of one of the top level folders
22 * Campaigns - Fixed a visual "jump" that would occur when loading the contents of a folder that has subfolders in the selection dialog for cast members and scene scripts
24 **Game Mechanics**
26 * SR6 Hazards and Traps are now supported as a new character type.
27 * PF2/SF - Statblock BBCode was inserting italics [i] mark up twice instead of only once.
28 * PF2 - The Sorcerer dedication was causing other class' focus spells to be incorrectly marked with the sorcerer's tradition. For example, a bard who multiclassed into a fey bloodline sorcerer would have the bards focus spells marked as both primal and occult instead of only occult.
29 * PF2 - The Sanctuary spell was showing zero actions instead of two.
30 * PF2 - The Wraith and Wight monsters had incorrect temporary hit point pools.
31 * PF2 - The spell adjustment Dragon Claws was incorrectly adding a bonus to hit equal to the extra dice of damage.
32 * PF2 - The Incredible Improvisation feat was applying its plus four bonus when not activated instead of when activated.
33 * PF2 - The Snare Crafting Formulas table was misspelled Snar Crafting.
34 * PF2 - The Fighter's Weapon Mastery ability was incorrectly setting the selected group to Master, rather than Legendary proficiency.
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